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So how about the damn name already?

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
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Some people might look at this and get the impression that somebody’s about to name names and make some heads roll.  I don’t.  Yes, this may well turn out to be an honestly good sign, but …

Almost a year after Mounties were accused of acting independently during a mandatory evacuation of High River following last June’s flood the RCMP’s district commander offered new details on the incident, including who ultimately order the sweeping search of abandoned properties.

“It would be the emergency operations centre for High River and whoever is designated by that local authority to be in command at that time,” Chief Supt. Kevin Harrison told the Calgary Herald in a phone interview.

… to me, that sounds an awful lot like “uh, it was somebody, um, over there.  Yeah, over there.”  Don’t get me wrong; I wish I could believe that they sincerely want to get to the bottom of this, I really do.  Problem is, what trust I had in the Mounties — quite a lot, once upon a time — died a slow, lingering death more years ago than I care to think about.  The RCMP killed it.

Hell, if I were to be honest about it, sometimes I’m afraid that my respect for cops, period, is on life support.

Think I’m being unfair?  I don’t, and here’s why:  because of two little things that Harrison said.  First there’s “If people want to believe it’s a whitewash I don’t think there’s anything the RCMP or the CPC can do about it.”

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Um, Kevin?  Let me clear a little something up for you:  nobody, and I do mean no-goddamn-body wants to believe it’s a whitewash.  But you know what?  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it ain’t a damn platypus!  And guess whose fault that is?  It sure as hell isn’t ours.

But it’s the second statement more than anything else that sets off my alarm bells and makes me think this guy is nowhere near as on the up-and-up as he pretends to be.  I don’t like it because I’ve heard it so damn many times before (and so have you):  “Even if we save one person, the whole thing is worth it.”

Yeah, he said that.  And every last one of us knows what that dog whistle means, don’t we?  Yes we do; sadly.

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