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Like most folks, I like to take advantage of the summer to do as little as I can get away with – hence the dearth of anything new here lately.  But I got an email from Phil Bently at Canton Street Press the other day that I figured was just interesting enough to interrupt my slacking for a few minutes.  It seems that, after decades in the dark corners of used book stores everywhere, Julian Hatcher’s Book of the Garand is finally coming back into print.

So take the bandaid off your thumb (you know how it got there) and thumb through one of these…

Out-of-print classic from 1948 revered by gun aficionados
BUFORD, GA – JULY 11, 2012 – Canton Street Press is proud to announce the publication of Hatcher’s Book of the Garand, the definitive chronicle of the rifle General George S. Patton called “the greatest battle implement ever devised.” Written by Major Julian S. Hatcher following WWII, this book thoroughly documents the history, operation, and care for the M1 Garand. The M1 Garand was revolutionary in its design as the first widely used semiautomatic rifle and is still highly regarded among collectors and shooters.

“Hatcher’s Book of the Garand is an indispensable part of any gun enthusiast’s library,” said Joe Hovorka, Publisher of Canton Street Press. “It contains a wealth of historical, technical, and practical information about the M1.”

Major General Julian S. Hatcher was both a competitive shooter of international fame and a renowned firearms technical expert, authoring many articles and books. As an ordnance supervisor for the U.S. military, Hatcher worked with Springfield Armory to help resolve production issues with early iterations of the M1 Garand. Hatcher was honored for his service to the military with the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit.

The Book of the Garand is 292 pages with hundreds of illustrations and is available in both hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-934044-26-1, MSRP: $24.99) and paperback (ISBN: 978-1-934044-25-4, MSRP: $17.99). It is available through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), online retailers, booksellers and www.CantonStreetPress.com beginning July 12th 2012. Pre-orders are available now. Special pricing is available for shooting clubs and CMP affiliated organizations.

20-page PDF preview: here
Sell sheet PDF: here

About Canton Street Press
Founded in 2011, Canton Street Press takes its name from the historic Canton Street in downtown Roswell, GA. Canton Street Press specializes in quality restorations of long out-of-print books of historical significance with a focus on military history. For more information, visit www.CantonStreetPress.com.


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