“We have guns”


Well, what the hell can you expect? And don’t even bother giving me any of that”the police will protect you” claptrap.  Sure, the Mounties keep saying, “let us do our jobs,” but when you’re 50 miles north of no-damn-where, cops can take up to an hour – or more – before they even show up (Googling “Saskatchewan police response time” is a rather depressing endeavor).  What is the victim expected to do in the meantime?  Do the Mounties actually think they want a vast landscape where the strong do what they can and the weak endure what they must?

Just one more in the long line of examples of why our country’s gun and self-defense laws are in dire need of some serious changes.

Saskatchewan farmers take up arms after masked men enter land

by Joe O’Connor
National Post

Barry Kidd understands that you just can’t go around “shooting people,” but he also knows that what is his, is his, and that he works hard, and that people coming onto his farm in rural Saskatchewan and looking to steal something — or worse — are people he is not about to back down from.

“Most farmers are armed in the field,” Kidd says. “It has always been that way for us — you don’t want a skunk to go through your Combine since, when you ask a skunk to move, he won’t — so for that reason we have always carried guns.

“But now that has been added to something altogether different: We have guns. We carry guns, and we want the criminals to know it.”

Around noon on Sept. 19, a farm labourer on a property near Fiske, a rural crossroads with an old curling rink and even an older grain elevator, saw three men in the road and a black SUV parked nearby. He slowed his vehicle. Drawing closer, he realized the men were masked — and armed. One levelled a pistol at the windshield of the truck, whereupon the labourer ducked and barrelled toward the trio. No shots were fired, an RCMP manhunt ensued.

The search ended without any arrests, but it has triggered a movement among the province’s farmers to openly declare themselves armed and prepared to protect what is their own. Photos of rifles in Combines proliferated on social media in the days after the episode near Fiske. A Facebook page — Farmers With Firearms — was launched. Its members sprang into action this past Monday evening, providing updates on a high-speed pursuit involving a green pickup truck that had been spotted in a farmyard northwest of Rosetown. Several farmers gave chase. Local RCMP were called twice before responding, according to a farmer privy to the details of the chase, who requested anonymity. RCMP would not confirm the incident, or whether any arrests had been made.

Read more: ‘We have guns’: Saskatchewan farmers take up arms after masked men enter land – National Post, Sept 27 2016

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