Unknown Allies


Friends Gun Owners never knew they had

by Frank Hilliard
Canadian Firearms Journal

Canadian gun owners have been going around for months now looking like they’ve lost the last friend they had in the world. The Conservative Party, which promised to eliminate the Long-gun Registry, instead introduced a bill in the Senate that would metastasize it into 13 registry systems through provincial Chief Firearms Officers.

After years of abuse from the Coalition for Gun Control, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Mayor of Toronto and the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, this was the final straw; even the Conservative Party was not to be trusted.

As a result, many considered giving up the struggle for legal firearms ownership, concealed carry, and armed self defence.

While understandable, I believe this decision may be premature. The firearms community in Canada has several allies it knows almost nothing about; people and politicians who support gun ownership, self defence and concealed carry.

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The first group I’ll mention is the Christian Heritage Party. With a full slate of policies and twenty years experience in the political arena, the CHP (www.chp.ca) has grown to be the second largest federal political party in Canada not yet having a member elected to Parliament. The party’s policy on firearms couldn’t be more clear, or more positive:


We affirm that self-defence is a basic human right which must not be abridged. Citizens should be permitted to possess and use firearms within the limits of reasonable law (i.e. providing for registration of concealable weapons), and for purposes of hunting and sportsmanship, and/or defence of family and innocents, and from aggressors intruding onto the defender’s property. We assert that the federal government must not restrict the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, whether for sporting use or for self-defence.

CHP Leader, Jim Hnatiuk, drove home the same points in an open letter to gun owners in April, 2009.

“Firearm ownership should be the right of every law abiding Canadian citizen. Many gun owners are now finding out that there is a Canadian federal political party willing to openly fight for the right to own a firearm and to have this embedded into our Constitution. A growing force in Canadian politics, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada is willing to take a stand on behalf of gun owners, gun retailers and recreational shooting ranges.”

I should add one more thing; Hnatiuk is currently the owner of the largest retail gun store in Nova Scotia (www.Hnatiuks.com).

The other group is a little more diffuse than the CHP but, in its way, just as important. These are conservative Jews who support a strong and uncompromising defence for both the Jewish community around the world and for the State of Israel. They may be supporters of the Likud Party (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Likud) or Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (http://jpfo.org/), but they’re not limited to any particular organization.

I became aware of their general line of thinking when I read an article at tolerance.ca by Howard Rotberg, a Canadian lawyer and author of Second Generation Radical: The Struggle against the Second Holocaust (www.howardrotberg.ca/).

In it he said what Jews should have learned from the Holocaust was that tolerance and diversity—multiculturalism in other words—are no substitute for justice based on God’s laws. Nowhere do the Ten Commandments or the Seven Noahite laws make ‘tolerance,’ and respect for people who would take away our freedoms, a fundamental value.

“We must imbue our children with the understanding that Jewish values and American values, although many times compatible, are not identical … we must be realistic that acceptance of those promoting appeasement and tolerance of groups seeking to kill Jews is where American values and Jewish values diverge.”

As an example of a more militant Jewish position in response to aggression, Rotberg quotes Jeffrey Goldberg from his book Prisoners: A Muslim and a Jew Across the Middle East Divide, who felt empowered when he held his first rifle in the Israel Defence Force.

Most of us having lived our lives in the company of quisling Jews who, for reasons inexplicable and bizarre, believed the main lesson of the Shoah (Holocaust) was that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, instead of the actual lesson of the Shoah, which is that it is easy to kill a unilaterally disarmed Jew but much harder to kill one who is pointing a gun in your face.

Rotberg concludes with this ringing declaration:

This time we shall realize that self-described ‘progressives’ and ‘intellectuals’ who spend their time on rationalizing Islamic violence against Jewish civilians, are not our friends, but our enemies. Accordingly, the centerpiece of Holocaust commemoration should be: This time we shall not qo quietly.

Or to put that more bluntly; this time Jews will arm themselves and fight.

There is a connection between Rotberg and the Christian Heritage Party. The CHP, like Rotberg’s views on Noahite laws, believes Canada was a nation founded on certain core values, particularly the belief in one God, individual free will and the Ten Commandments, and that these beliefs, customs and laws are worth preserving.

Since we’re talking about Judeo-Christian culture here, it’s worth remembering that the right of self-defence in English Common Law and the Canadian Criminal Code comes straight out of the Old Testament, specifically Exodus 22:2 (New American Standard Bible):

If the thief is caught while breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there will be no blood guiltiness on his account.

This early version of the ‘Castle doctrine’ is repeated in the Talmud, the commentary on Jewish law:

If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.

To see how relevant this commandment is in modern life, consider what happened in Langdon, Alberta, January 3, 2008. Two masked intruders broke into a rented rural home, rushed upstairs and attacked Dan Olineck who was asleep with his girlfriend Melanie. Olineck fought back and managed to get the upper hand. The result was that one of the attackers, Lance Norton, died of stab wounds at the foot of the bed. The other, Christopher Joel Hansen, 27, showed up later at the Strathmore hospital for treatment.

Police subsequently charged Hansen with breaking and entering and committing an indictable offence while masked. Norton’s sister, Angela Eriksen, 29, was charged with being party to the offence of breaking, entering and committing an indictable offence, as well as being party to an assault. Olineck, who was also slightly injured, was not charged.

It was a clear case of self-defence as stated in the Bible.

I hope I’m making some points here you may not have considered. First; Jewish and Christian laws and customs are the foundation of our society and are worth preserving. Second; overtly Christian and conservative Jewish political parties believe both nations, and individuals, have the right of self-defence based on the same legal principles springing from the same source.

And finally; if Canadian gun owners want to get their rights back, they need to turn to parties and groups that actually believe in the fundamental reason we all own firearms.

As a start, I would urge the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and the National Firearms Association of Canada to meet the leadership of the Christian Heritage Party. I would also urge them, and individual wildlife association and gun club officials, to meet members of the conservative Jewish community to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Doing so will move the gun ownership debate away from the indefensible idea that guns are only used for an easily-banned sport and onto the idea that firearms are the modern method of exercising a natural right confirmed by both Judaic and Christian religious law.

We gun owners have friends and allies; we should make an effort to work together for our common good.

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