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Bill C-301 needs the support of EVERY Canadian gun owner

Canadian gun lawby Gun Owners’ Resource Editorial Staff

Many Canadian gun owners already know about Bill C-301. For those of you who don’t, C-301 is the Conservative Party of Canada’s latest attempt at making good on their longstanding promise to get rid of the Canadian long gun registry white elephant once and for all. The registry, along with most other provisions in the previous Liberal government’s despised bill C-68, has been nothing but a colossal waste of money that has done nothing whatsoever to deter real crime and only made criminals of thousands of otherwise law-abiding Canadian gun owners who refused to participate in this unprecedented abuse of their rights.

No doubt about it, C-301 needs to pass. But it needs your help.

The story so far

Bill C-301 was introduced by Yorkton-Melville MP Gary Breitkreuz (CPC) on February 9th for first reading in the House of Commons. The bill proposes a number of things, such as streamlining the ATT process, but its most important aspect is the total discontinuation of the long gun registry. While some have criticized the Bill for not going far enough — it says nothing regarding the discontinuation of the licensing process — the fact remains that it is progress. And as any fool can tell you, half of something is a far sight better than all of nothing.

Is C-301 the panacea for the ills of Canadian gun rights? No, it is not; but it is one step in the process of regaining the rights of law-abiding Canadian gun owners, which have been so sorely disabused under previous governments. It is currently scheduled for second reading in the House on Wednesday, April 1st.

What you can do

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Bills don’t pass themselves and everyone knows that the Conservatives are currently leading a minority government. This means that they will need support from MPs in other parties for the Bill to pass. These other parties are by no means fertile ground for gun rights — the NDP are rabidly socialist and anti-gun, the Bloc exist solely to break up the country and the Liberals are the ones who created the registry in the first place. Somewhat like trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, yes; but it’s what we have to work with.

Here are just a few tips on what YOU can do, before April first, to help out:

  1. Write letters. Lots of them. Send them by fax or snail mail (remember that letters to MPs are free postage!), but do not waste time with email. Email rarely gets read by the MP, if it gets read by anyone at all. Governmental rules are that correspondence in writing must be responded to in writing. This guarantees someone will have to actually look at it.
  2. Don’t waste time writing to Conservative MPs — not that they aren’t nice people, but you’d be wasting time preaching to the choir, and that’s not what’s needed. Focus your letters on opposition MPs, particularly those in rural ridings; they have the most to lose in terms of disgruntlement from their constituents if they stand in the way of the Bill’s passage.
  3. CC your letters to at least four other MPs (preferably more). Every person CC’d on a letter must also have the letter forwarded by everyone else on the CC list — in other words, if a letter is sent to Michael Ignatieff (for example) and CC’d to four other Liberal MPs, they must share a copy of that letter with everyone else on the list. That means one letter with four CC’s generates 25 copies of the letter floating around the Parliament Hill offices. That’s quite a bit more bang for your buck!
  4. DO NOT be a jerk. Letters that are rude, abusive or threatening are simply tossed in the trash (or given to the cops). Be polite. Remember your mom’s advice: You’ll catch more flies with honey…
  5. Remember that every written letter is counted as “representing 500 votes.” The more letters there are floating around the Hill, the more pressure there will be on opposition MPs.

Ask the MP to support Bill C-301. Keep your message concentrated on the waste of money and the tremendous improvement C-301 will make to the Firearms Program without compromising public safety. Write often, but write smart as well.

A complete listing of all Members of Parliament, along with their addresses, can be found at this link.

Now go write some letters. Your rights aren’t going to just fall into your lap.

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