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What took you so long, boys & girls?

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource Staff

Better late than never, as the old saying goes.  Does that apply here?  I haven’t made up my mind on that yet but one thing is for sure: the so-called “mainstream” media has finally crowbarred their craniums out of their colons and noticed that there’s something rotten over at the ‘Registry (Denmark got cut some slack this time).

For those of you who don’t already know — and given the media’s slumbering through the event so far, I don’t think you could be blamed — the busy little beavers over at the CFC or the CFP or whatever it’s called this week, went and tromped on their team trouser trout by doling out confidential information on God-knows-how-many Canadian gun owners to a private company.  But it isn’t official until the media reports on it, dontcha know?

Well, it must be real news now, because the papers and networks have finally showed up.  Of course, we had a post here about it a week ago, which was the day after the CSSA sent out an alert about it, which was two days after it first popped up on CGN.  But hey, who’s counting, right?  Let’s see what the nice media folks have to say so far…

The Ministry of What You Should Think tells us that “Some Canadian gun owners are upset their personal information from the national gun registry has been passed by the RCMP to a polling company for a research study” (ya think?) and that, by golly, there’s going to be a review.  And stuff.  We also see that the CFC’s still sticking to their “customer satisfaction survey” story.  What your marital status, education, income, how many guns you own or how many kids live in your house has to do with being a satisfied customer, they still haven’t been able to say.

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The Edmonton Sun says they’re in hot water, the Vancouver Sun talks about Van Loan taking shots at the RCMP (metaphorically, it is assumed) and UPI is burbling about the “Canadian gun registry’s use being questioned.”  Give ’em an A- for understatement.

Captain Obvious seems to have flown in to the Ottawa Citizen and recycled an article to remind us that the “Gun registry has not improved public safety.”  Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Until last night, none of this sturm & drang existed.  Why was that?  Why did it take a week and a half for all the networks and papers in the country to make a peep about something that had literally tens of thousands of Canadian gun owners in an absolute uproar?  Some think it’s because the media’s in you-know-who’s back pockets and they wouldn’t want to do anything to upset them.  Like point out flaws in their Precious…er… registry.  Maybe, maybe not; that’s for another time.

The big question is this: Just what the hell are the Tories going to do about it?  Are they finally going to get off their duffs and introduce a government bill (instead of all these private member’s carrots) to kill this abomination into the House?  Or is it still Groundhog Day?

I know, I know; we’ll have to wait and see.  But you know what?  Some of us are getting sick of waiting…

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