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Here’s where you find the crunchy stuff from schematics to blueprints to new recipes for handloads.

Try not to blow yourself up.  Failing that, send us the video.

50 BMG cartridges395.8 KB.50 Caliber Cartridge Identification and Specifications. Compiled by the FAS.1061
Abusive Mishandling2.6 MBCriteria for Evaluation of New Firearms Designs Under Conditions of Abusive Mishandling (1996). Some handy tips from ANSI/SAAMI on what paces to put your new invention through.517
Arcus 98 DA1.3 MBData for comparing the 98 DA, 94, and 94 C semiauto pistols (Browning HiPower clones) in 9x19mm.469
Big 503.1 MBPlans for the Big 50 (.50 BMG) bolt-action target rifle by Gunmetal Designs.619
Biting The Bullet751.1 KBWhy the time has come to acknowledge the significant limitations of 5.56 mm ammunition in British and NATO service and reconsider the case for replacing it with a larger, intermediate calibre.802
FullAutoGlock2.3 MBFull auto conversion for Glock pistols. Does not work on all models.661
M19191.1 MBComplete drawings of BATF approved semi-automatic design Browning M1919A4.932
M19191.3 MBRight & left hand sideplate specs for Browning M1919A4 and A6.560
M19191.2 MBRight sideplate specs for Browning M1919 MG.725
M1919236.4 KBSideplate specs for M1919.592
M2 MG plates2.1 MBSpecs for side plates for the .50 BMG M2 HMG.505
M203240.9 KBThree technical diagrams for the M203 40mm party favor.522
The DIY STEN Gun3.6 MBPractical Scrap Metal Small Arms Vol. 3. The DIY STEN Gun is a simplified 1:1 copy of the British STEN MKIII submachine gun. This document is for academic study purposes only.1368
The Glock Exotic Weapons System4.3 MBSemi/full auto know-how for various Glocks, circa 2001.651
Unsafe Combinations235.1 KBTechnical Data Sheet: Unsafe Firearm-Ammunition Combinations. A handy list of things to avoid, provided by SAAMI. Revised 6/1/2006598

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