Submachine Gun Manuals


The Chicago Chambois typewriter

Submachine gun manuals, both military and otherwise, along with manuals for some civilian variants.

Bear in mind that a civilian variant’s manual may be missing crucial information regarding the proper use and maintenance of the military original and should not be considered an accurate guide in such circumstances.

All files are in English and .PDF format unless specifically stated otherwise.

American 1807.1 MBInstruction manual for the American 180 .22 SMG.572
Carl Gustav M/451.6 MBKulsprutepistol m/45 (Kpist m/45) - AKA Carl Gustav M/45 Operator's Manual by Försvarets Fabriksverk648
FM 23-411.8 MBSubmachineguns, Caliber .45, M3 & M3A1 ("grease gun") Field Manual. Department of the Army, Washington DC, 28 June 1974733
HK UMP1.3 MBHeckler & Koch UMP40 & UPM45 Operator's Manual.520
MGV-1762.6 MBInstructions for use with the Yugoslavian (now Slovenia) .22LR SMG.520
MP55.3 MBHeckler & Koch MP5 - draft version Operator's Manual by HK.515
MP9 / TP91.8 MBBrügger & Thomet (B&T) MP9/TP9 SMG technical Specifications.521
Reising SMG1.1 MBThe Reising Submachine Gun, Caliber .45, Models 50, 55 and 60.475
Sten723.9 KBCarbine, Machine, Sten 9mm. Mk. II General Instructions - Feb, 1942689
Sten796.1 KBCarbines, Machine, Sten, 9mm. Mks. I, II & III Illustrated Identification List. C.O.D. (Technical Branch) Weedon, August 1942617
Thompson Semiauto797.3 KBThompson Semi-auto Models Owner's Manual, for Kahr Arms models: T1, T5, TM1, TM1C, T1-C, T1SB & M1SB.496
TM9-1005-229-351.0 MBSubmachine Gun, Caliber .45, M3 & M3A1 ("grease gun") Technical Manual. Department of the Army, Washington DC, September 1969666
TMP4.2 MBTaktische Maschinenpistole TMP Kaliber 9 mm Para Betriebsanleitung. 1. Auflage Marz 1994463
Uzi1.8 MBUZI SMG Operation Manual by FN668
Uzi1.7 MBUZI 9mm semi-automatic carbine Instruction Manual by Israel Military Industries.642

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