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ShotgunsA searchable listing of all shotgun manuals available in the GOR online library. All files are in English and .PDF format, unless specifically stated otherwise.

9100 series10.2 MBOwner's Manual For the Care and Use of the Mitchell High Standard Pump Action Shotguns. Models 9104, 9108 and 9115607
Baikal MP-133321.5 KB Baikal MP-133 12GA/3.5" pump-action Instruction manual by EAA785
Baikal MP-1535.7 MB Baikal MP-153 12GA/3.5" semi-auto Instruction manual by EAA2084
Baikal MP-2334.1 MB Baikal MP-233 12 GA O/U Instruction Manual by EAA752
Baikal MP43267.4 KBWarnings and Instruction Manual for the Baikal MP43 / IZH model 43 SxS hammerless shotgun in 12, 16, 20 & 28 GA, and .410 bore.942
Benelli M11.9 MB Benelli Shotgun Training for M1 Super 90s - Equipment Familiarization and General Information, by HK808
Beretta 1201592.5 KB Beretta 1201 F/FP semi-auto info sheet622
Beretta A 3031.4 MB Beretta A 303 semi-auto Owner's Manual767
Beretta A3042.2 MB Beretta A304 semi-auto Owner's Manual510
Beretta AL 3902.3 MB Beretta AL 390 semi-auto Owner's Manual811
Beretta AL 391477.5 KB Beretta AL 391 Urika semi-auto Owner's Manual684
Beretta doubles620.9 KB Beretta O/U & SxS shotguns Instruction Manual. Includes specific information for the DT10 Trident.1162
Breda Auto 128.4 MBManual for Breda Automatic 12 5-shot semi-auto shotguns, incl. Antares, Altair, Argus and Ares.1188
Browning 20002.5 MB Browning 2000 semi-auto Operation and Care566
Browning A-5003.6 MBBrowning A-500G semi-auto Owner's Manual473
Browning A-5005.6 MBBrowning A-500 semi-auto Owner's Manual (64 pgs, 5.3 MB)468
Browning A-Bolt4.4 MB Browning A-Bolt bolt-action shotgun (NOT the rifle) Owner's Manual435
Browning Auto-58.0 MBBrowning Auto-5 Magnum (12 & 20 gauge) Owner's Manual532
Browning Auto-53.1 MB Browning Auto-5 Magnum semi-auto (12 & 20 gauge) Owner's Manual503
Browning Auto-53.0 MB Browning Auto-5 Light semi-auto (12 & 20 gauge) Owner's Manual528
Browning Auto-56.6 MB Browning Auto-5 Light (12, 16 & 20 gauge) Owner's Manual763
Browning Auto-513.1 MBBrowning Auto-5 Field Service Manual1240
Browning Auto-59.9 MBBrowning Auto-5 (12, 12MAG, 16, 20, 20MAG) Owner's Manual517
Browning B-SS8.2 MBBrowning B-SS hammerless side-by-side Operation & Care manual438
Browning BPS3.1 MBBrowning BPS pump-action Owner's Manual (22 pgs, 3 MB)516
Browning BT-1002.7 MBBrowning BT-100 single barrel trap 12 gauge Owner's Manual494
Browning BT-994.5 MBBrowning BT-99 PLUS single barrel trap 12 gauge Owner's Manual476
Browning Citori3.5 MBBrowning Citori PLUS trapshooting O/U 12 gauge Owner's Manual422
Browning Citori2.1 MB Browning Citori O/U shotguns Owner's Manual666
Browning Gold2.7 MBBrowning Gold semi-auto 12 gauge 3.5"450
Browning Gold3.1 MBBrowning Gold semi-auto 12 & 20 gauge Owner's Manual467
Browning Gold3.3 MBBrowning Gold semi-auto 10 gauge Owner's Manual418
Browning Recoilless Trap2.3 MBBrowning Recoilless Trap single 12 gauge Owner's Manual482
Browning Superposed2.9 MBBrowning Superposed Owner's Manual for models: B-25 & B-125 shotguns, Continental Superposed and Express Rifles494
BrowningCitori725OU1.6 MBBrowning Citori 725 O/U Shotgun Owner's Manual.451
Bunda3.5 MBInstruction Manual for the Turkish Bunda semi-auto 12 gauge by EAA557
Century Phantom570.5 KBCentury Arms Phantom 12 gauge Instructional Manual521
Franchi 481.8 MBOwner's manual for the Franchi 48/AL semi auto shotgun.1449
HL12-102105.4 KBCentury Arms HL12-102 12 gauge pump Instructional Manual503
Ithaca 375.5 MBIthaca Model 37 pump-action shotgun Owner's Manual842
IZH 18319.7 KBIZH 18 single Instruction Manual by EAA579
IZH 27326.7 KBIZH 27 "Hunting Two" O/U Instruction Manual by EAA601
IZH 43255.8 KBIZH 43 (aka Baikal MP-43, EAA Bounty Hunter II) SxS hammerless Instruction Manual by EAA641
IZH 43K328.7 KBIZH 43K (aka Baikal MP-43K, EAA Bounty Hunter II) SxS Instruction Manual by EAA580
IZH 81231.9 KBIZH 81 12 gauge pump-action Instruction Manual by EAA434
IZH MP213B4.2 MB IZH MP213B 12GA SxS Instruction Manual by EAA577
LAW-121.2 MBFranchi LAW 12 12GA semi-auto Owner's Manual by American Arms511
Mossberg 500952.5 KB Mossberg 500, 590 & 835 pump-action shotguns Owner's Manual796
Mossberg 5902.7 MB Mossberg 590 DA1 pump-action shotgun Owner's Manual461
Mossberg 6951.5 MBOwners manual for the 12ga. bolt-action shotgun.504
PH12-1110.2 KBCentury Arms PH12-1 12 gauge O/U Instruction Manual514
Remington 1100807.7 KB Remington 1100, 11-87 & 11-87 Super Magnum Owner's Manual652
Remington 870551.1 KB Remington 870 & 870 Super Magnum Mister Potato Head pump-action shotgun Owner's Manual631
Sabatti AirOne1.8 MBSabatti AirOne O/U Instruction Manual bu EAA576
Savage shotguns4.7 MB Savage Single & Double Barrel Shotguns Instructions for Use. Not so much a manual as a short quick-reference document from Savage Arms.1228
SPAS-121.5 MBFranchi SPAS 12 Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun Use & Maintenance Instructions548
SPAS-129.9 MBFranchi SPAS 12 12GA pump/semi-auto Owner's Manual by American Arms686
SPAS-152.0 MBFranchi SPAS 15 12GA/2.75" pump/semi-auto User's Manual490
Stoeger Condor174.8 KBOwner's manual for the O/U shotgun.662
Winchester 94102.9 MBOwner's manual for the model 9410 (a model 94 rifle redone for 2.5" .410 shotshells) lever-action shotgun.602

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  1. is there a manual for the Baikal MP 155 semi auto shotgun???


  3. I am looking for am owners manual, parts break down, and tear down instructions for a Fox/Savage Model B, Manufactured in Oct. 1973. Thanks

  4. Any manuals for the NORINCO m1000
    12g, box mahazine, Semiautomatic shotgun wanted.

  5. looking for operators manual for 12 guage side by side cia/china jw-2000

  6. I am looking for a schematic for Harrington & Richardson Model 348 Gamemaster. Any help greatly appreciated.


  7. I’m looking for info / manual on Beretta 1301. Thanks

  8. topper model 48, 16 gauge full choke

  9. do you have the manual for a topper model 48

  10. I am looking for a operators manual for model 607 CIL 12 ga 3 inch pump shotgun. Can you help… please..thanks

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the same thing as a Savage (or was it Stevens?) model 67? Or are we thinking about different guns here?

      • They are the same.Springfield jas savage arms also stamped on it below the Springfield name

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