RIP C-391


Elites obeyed, constituents betrayed

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
GunOwnersResource staff

If there were ever any doubt, it can now be put to rest.  Nothing short of a majority government, formed by the Conservative Party of Canada, is going to get rid of the multi-billion dollar white elephant that is the long gun registry.

Both the Liberals and New Democrats had the chance to get rid of it but chose to obey their party ideologues and keep the albatross firmly around all our necks.

And why would they do such a thing?  The excuse du jour boils down to, “We had to do it because the Tories were being so mean.”  Of course.  Being an elitist means never having to admit you’re wrong.

My message everywhere I go is “if you want the registry scrapped, you need to vote for a Conservative Member of Parliament.”

Any NDP candidate or Member of Parliament, any Liberal candidate who ever says again, “I will vote to scrap the long-gun registry,” will never be believed.

Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Hoeppner,
author of Bill C-391 to end the registry

The Opposition motion to halt bill C-391 passed yesterday evening by the narrow margin of 153 to 151.  The bill had previously passed second 164 to 137, including 12 NDP MPs and 8 Liberals, most of whom flipped and will have much to answer for in the next federal election.  The Opposition parties handed the Conservatives a political ban hammer they can use to relentlessly beat rivals over the head in the next election campaign.

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Make no mistakes about it, this bill was about getting rid of the long gun registry — ending an onerous and cumbersome bureaucratic mess that never lived up to its billing or its price tag — and nothing else.  As for the lame excuse the NDP has been bandying about, allow me to ask: What is more important, the will of the people who elected you or spiting the Tories?  We have been shown the answer.

Cops catch the most damage

In terms of public image, the most battered casualty of the latest battle to end the registry isn’t a political party, but rather Canadian police officers. People who before the registry would have been the most diehard supporters of the police, now see themselves as the victims of a smear campaign, especially by the chiefs.

Overestimating the damage done by the recent behaviour of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (particularly gun-grabber sock puppet Bill Blair) is a difficult thing to do, indeed. The palpable contempt of Blair towards gun owners, or anyone else who disagreed with him, was a particularly nauseating spectacle.  And MPs had barely finished voting before Blair stampeded to the television cameras, absolutely beaming with masturbatory self-satisfaction.

Their one-sided, and clearly self serving, campaign of disinformation has resulted in an atmosphere summed up by one frustrated woman at the range recently: “You can’t trust the cops as far as you can throw them.”  Not at all what you expect from a normally law-and-order type crowd.

Police brass have been showing contempt for gun owners and our rights ever since the passage of C-68, but the last few months have been absolutely sickening.  And Blair actually has the gall to presume, in a recent email to supporters, that “we are in a much better position to reach out to our opponents and attempt to resolve many of the issues which they have brought forward.”

I don’t think so, Billy-boy. After being shat upon from your lofty perch, we’re in no mood to so much as look at you, let alone hear what will doubtless be more infringements on our rights that you’re just drooling to do.

This is far from over.  Some weeks ago, Liberal MP Wayne Easter commented that he didn’t want to have to “fight this issue for the next 40 years.”  Well, that’s too damn bad for Wayne, because we aren’t giving up.


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