Revolver Manuals


Wheel gunsA searchable listing of all revolver manuals available in the GOR online library.

All files are in English and .PDF format, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Big Bore Bounty Hunter222.5 KBBig Bore Bounty Hunter SA (Colt SAA replica) Owner's Manual494
Bulldog2.6 MBParts diagram/list for the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special 5-shot DA revolver.585
Chiappa Rhino925.5 KBChiappa Rhino (AKA "that upside down gun") parts list.836
Chiappa Rhino1.3 MBChiappa Rhino (AKA "that upside down gun") user's manual.674
Colt SAA2.9 MBEAA EASA SA .22 (Colt SAA replica) Owner's Manual481
Colt SAA591.5 KBSafety & instruction manual, 7th Ed. for US Firearms Mfg. Co. single action (Colt 1873 clone) revolvers.564
DA Revolvers8.3 MBOperating instructions and safety precautions for Charter 2000 double action revolvers.462
Dan Wesson Lg Frame1.6 MBDan Wesson Firearms Revolver Instruction Manual Large Frame and SuperMag Models600
Dan Wesson Sm Frame179.5 KBDan Wesson Firearms Revolver Instruction Manual - Small Frame Models647
Small Bore Bounty Hunter142.1 KBSmall Bore Bounty Hunter (Colt SAA replica in .22) SA Owner's Manual676
Thunder Five2.3 MBInstruction manual for the Thunder Five 5-shot revolver models T-45 (.45 LC & .410) and T-70 (.45-70 Govt.)664
Undercover304.7 KBParts diagram/list for the Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special 5-shot revolver.651
Weihrauch Windicator151.5 KBWeihrauch Windicator DA Instruction Manual551

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