Pistol Manuals


A searchable listing of all pistol manuals available for download in the GOR online library.

All files are in English and .PDF format, unless specifically stated otherwise.

1911112.6 KBEd Brown 1911 Owner's Manual.910
1911251.4 KBCentury SAM-1911 Safety & Instruction Manual512
19111.2 MBDan Wesson Firearms 1911 Series Users Manual.544
Accutek AT1.8 MBInstruction and safety manual for models AT-25, AT-32 and AT-380 semiauto pistols; all chambered for ACP rounds.502
AMT 380 Backup527.2 KBInstruction manual for the AMT .380 Backup DAO semiauto pistol.578
Astra A-1001.5 MBAstra A-100 Owner's Manual610
Astra A-701.6 MBAstra A-70 Owner's Manual 671
Astra A-751.5 MBAstra A-75 Owner's Manual700
Auto-Ordinance 19111.5 MBAuto-Ordinance 1911 Models User's Manual for models: 1911PKZ, T1911, 1911WGS & 1911C497
Baby Browning2.2 MBFN Baby Browning SA pocket pistol in .25 ACP Owner's Manual680
Beretta 21A648.2 KBBeretta Model 21A .22LR or .25 auto Owner's Manual589
Beretta 3032694.8 KBBeretta 3032 Tomcat .32 ACP semi-auto Instruction Manual513
Beretta 8000537.7 KBBeretta 8000 Series Cougar semi-auto User's Manual472
Beretta 81475.7 KBBeretta 81 Series (Cheetahs) semi-auto Owner's Manual. Includes models: 83F, 84F, 85F, 87BB and 87BB Long Barrel.2516
Beretta 87495.7 KBBeretta 87 Target (Cheetah) .22LR semi-auto Instruction Manual625
Beretta 891.0 MBBeretta 89 (Cheetah) Standard semi-auto Instruction Manual589
Beretta 9000497.0 KBBeretta 9000 S semi-auto Instruction Manual490
Beretta 92137.7 KBBeretta Series 92 Stock/Combat (IPSC) semi-auto Instructions for Operation.659
Beretta 92590.1 KBBeretta 92 Series semi-auto Instructions for Operation591
Beretta 9501.2 MBBeretta 950 Series semi-auto Owner's Manual504
Browning 140 DA18.4 MBBrowning 140 DA Owner's Manual561
Browning BDA874.0 KBBrowning BDA-380 Owner's Manual766
Browning BDA10.3 MBBrowning BDA & BDAO Owner's Manual515
Browning Buck Mark2.4 MBBrowning Buck Mark .22 semi-auto Owner's Manual571
Browning GP7.5 MBBrowning GP series Owner's Manual (26 pgs, 7.2 MB) for models: GP Practical, GP Sport & GP Vigilante511
Browning GP7.1 MBBrowning GP Competition Owner's Manual485
Browning Hi-Power3.8 MBBrowning Hi-Power 9mm & .40 S&W Owner's Manual699
Browning Hi-Power1.3 MBBrowning Hi-Power 9mm Owner's Manual762
Colt Woodsman303.1 KBColt Woodsman Target & Sport models instructions for assembly-disassembly, cleaning576
Colt Woodsman396.7 KBColt Woodsman Match Target Model with heavy barrel Owner's Manual532
Colt Woodsman365.3 KBColt Woodsman Owner's Manual, c. 2001571
CZ 52130.0 KBCZ-52 Operator's Manual564
FAB 921.4 MBFAB 92 (CZ-75 clone) Operation Manual478
FEG PA-63257.1 KBInstruction & Safety Manual for the Hungarian FEG PA-63 (Walther PPK clone) double action pistol in .380ACP, by K.B.I.611
Glock Safe Action272.9 KBGlock 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 Instructions For Use for the "Safe Action" semi-autos641
Glock Safe Action6.7 MBGlock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 17L ("Safe Action" pistols) Armorer's Manual679
Glock Safe Action6.8 MBArmorer's Manual update for Glock "Safe Action" pistols.741
Grizzly Win Mag9.2 MBInstruction Manual for the LAR Manufacturing (now acquired by Remington) Grizzly Win Mag (1911 variant) semi-auto pistol.439
Hi-Point C-94.6 MBHi-Point C-9 (9mm) & CF 380 (380 ACP) User's Manual472
HK Mk235.4 MBHK Mk23 Mod 0 Maintenance Manual583
HK Mk23354.0 KBHK Mk23 Operator's Manual (sideways, for some reason...)503
HK P7M132.7 MBTechnical Manual for Factory/Dealer Maintenance, January 1984447
HK P9S4.8 MBHK P9S 9x19mm Instructions for Maintenance and Repair464
HK USP840.2 KBHK USP Compact .45ACP, .40S&W, .357SIG and 9x19mm Operator's Manual.525
HK USP2.6 MBHK USP Armorer's Instruction480
HK USP4.3 MBHK USP, including USP Tactical & USP Expert, Operator's Manual in .40S&W, .45ACP and 9x19mm.611
HK USP40693.3 KBHK USP40 Compact - LEM in .40S&W Operator's Manual538
HP22 & HP25996.7 KBOperating instruction manual for the HP22, HP22A, HP25 and HP25A semi-auto SA pistols in .22LR & .25ACP.526
HS 20002.1 MBOwner's manual for the HS Produkt model 2000 (aka Springfield XD) semi-auto pistol in 9x19mm.484
IZH 35M3.0 MBIZH 35M S/A .22LR target Instruction Manual511
Kimber 19111.8 MBKimber 1911 Full Size Classic in .45ACP and .40S&W Operational Manual492
M1911787.8 KBColt WWI Reproduction Pistol Model 1911 Safety and Instruction Manual514
M1911-A11.4 MBSpringfield 1911-A1 Owner's Manual629
M1911-A1636.7 KBDaly 1911-A1 User's Manual512
M1911-A1823.1 KBColt WWII Reproduction Pistol Model 1911A1 Safety and Instruction Manual522
Pardini K-2217.2 MBUser's manual for the .22LR single shot target pistol designed for Olympic 50m.547
PSA-255.8 MBPSA-25 Baby Browning copy Owner's Manual525
R.A.P. 4403.7 MBInstruction manual for the South African DA semi-auto pistol in .40 S&W.471
S&W 19111.6 MBSmith & Wesson 1911 Series Owner's Manual510
SIG GSR 19111.2 MBSIGARMS Granite Series Owner's Manual512
SIG SAUER2.2 MBOwner's manual for SIG pistols.  Covers models P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239 and P245.380
STI 1911242.2 KBHandgun Safety Reference and Owner's Manual for: STI All "1911" Style Firearms (Trojan, Hunter, Ranger, Xcaliber, LS9/40, BLS9/40)532
Tanfoglio Witness2.1 MBTanfoglio Witness P Owner's Manual by EAA502
Tanfoglio Witness2.2 MBTanfoglio Witness Owner's Manual by EAA508
TEC-22888.7 KBIntratec TEC-22 Scorpion owner's manual.949
TP-70802.9 KBOperating instructions for the Budischowsky TP-70 double action .25ACP semi-auto pistol.503
USFA 1910546.4 KB Safety & Instruction Manual, First edition (2006) for the USFA (U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT.) model 1910 semi-automatic .45 ACP pistol.574
Wildey Survivor1.7 MBWildey Survivor autoloading pistol (.45 Win. Mag. & .475 Wildey Mag.) Instruction Manual & Parts Catalog (c. 1990?).508
Zastava M571.3 MBZastava M57 7.62mm and M70A 9mm Description, Handling and Maintenance777

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  1. please provide alist of ammo,most suitible for the beretta 84 cheetah
    thks in advance

    • That’s going to depend on what you plan on doing with it. Hollow for defense, wadcutters for targets, JHP for days ending with a ‘y’, etc. More details, pls.

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