More boom for your stick

I recently came across a cartridge that I think has untapped sporting potential. It makes Ma Deuce look anemic. It could probably dump a T. rex on its butt

Another number won’t do more

"The petitioners are asking the government of Canada to revise the firearms marking regulations to recognize that a simple requirement for a serial number of all new firearms into Canada will satisfy the United Nations request and adequately address the tracking requirements"

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

It is important to note that state legislatures are not working to expand Second Amendment-protected rights, but to expand the exercise of the rights that are already there. These rights have been denied to the people via myriad gun control schemes.

Florida registry hacked

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees concealed-weapons licensing, announced on Tuesday overseas hackers had stolen the private information of over 16,000 gun owners.

You Can’t Take It With You

"She took one of the store’s shopping carts out to the parking lot and stuffed it full of Belgian Brownings, pre-64 Winchesters, and who knows what else, and trundled it back into the store. She hit a few bumps on the way."

Shutting Down (updated)

After ten years (holy crap, has it been that long?) the time has come to make some major changes to the site - on both the front and back ends. We aren't just talking about a change of layout here, this is going to be extensive.

No one but ourselves to blame

The latest issue of the CSSA's newsletter tells us of the wonderful story of how we shot ourselves in the foot. Personally, I prefer it when we are the ones with the moral high ground.

The latest in UN meddling

The UN: utterly useless at anything that actually matters, but still managing to relentlessly meddle in your personal business since 1945. CSAAA UPDATE - Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation
Hunting with Suppressors

Are Ear Plugs Better Than a Suppressor?

This conclusion from CDC is unsurprising to anyone who has, unlike ARS, actually used a firearm equipped with a suppressor.

Here’s an understatement…

...the one issue I have a problem with - the High River gun grab, a massive violation of civil rights mostly ignored by the media because they have no time for gun owners.