One year later


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    The High River gun tottally against the law on so many levels that it discuss me on so many levels.
    Why did some unknown person give the order to collect the firearms? (unknown because nobody will say who give the order, somebody had to give the order )
    What is the difference between leaving a home for an extended holiday and leaving your home
    in a flood.
    It’s high time that somebody was held accountable for the R.C.M.P’s actions.
    I am not coming down on the R.C.M.P.
    , In my personnel dealings with the R.C.M.P ( road blocks and traffic stops etc.they have always been polite and did their job.
    Dave McMillan

  2. What I don’t understand is what was the great fear of people owning guns. I know the Commissioner, Paulson seems to have a hate of firearms owned by citizens. Maybe that’s why he is retiring to Australia and taking a high Police position there.

    As a retired RCMP with over 30 years experience, I’m totally disgusted with this action and I strongly believe a crime was committed. A the least, break, enter and theft with intent to commit a criminal act. This is why the RCMP are using fictitious reasons for going into these homes. Without the intent to commit a criminal act and to be going in to save lives they did not commit a crime. The problem as we and any normal person see it, this is totally bogus!


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