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The Hiring Follies of Troy Industries

Troy Industries has recently hired a several instructors for their “Troy Asymmetric” training division that have enraged many within the firearms community.

Recently Troy announced they had hired former Chicago top cop Jody Weis as an instructor for their training division. Mr. Weis has a long sorted history of being an outspoken opponent of the 2nd Amendment throughout his career as a police officer. After the events at Sandy Hook, Mr. Weis penned an op-ed piece for the Chicago Sun Times that called for “enhanced background checks” and a ban on “high capacity magazines for assault weapons”. Troy Industries is the manufacturer of the Battle Mag which is a popular polymer AR15 standard capacity magazine. Why Mr. Weis would seek employment with a company that manufactures products he lobbies to have banned is almost as perplexing as trying to understand why Troy Industries would hire him.

via The Bang Switch.

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