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Files that we just haven’t had the time to put someplace else yet.  New files are added weekly (or more often), so bear in mind that any links you find on this page aren’t likely to stay where they are for very long before they get moved to a more appropriate page.

As usual, all files are in English and .pdf format, unless otherwise specified.

Last updated: August 25, 2015 at 9:33 am

CZ 452/453 - Instruction manual for CZ models 452 453 bolt-action rifles. (English, .pdf, 767.0 KB, 62 downloads)
K31 - ANHANG IV: Anleitung zur Verhütung von Schaden an Handfeuerwaffen (German, .pdf, 1.3 MB, 295 downloads)
K31 - ANHANG I: Bilder für die Ausbildung (German, .pdf, 1.0 MB, 287 downloads)
M60 - The 1970 "comic book" operator's manual for the M60 GPMG. (English, .pdf, 2.7 MB, 319 downloads)
MAS .223 - User's manual for a civilian variant of the French FAMAS.  In the late 80s, Century Arms imported a very small number of semi-automatic FAMAS rifles into the US but due to poor sales production and importation ceased and the existing number are not only extremely rare but cost in the range of $8k+ with no spare parts available on the market. (English, .pdf, 4.3 MB, 200 downloads)
Norinco YJ12-2 - YJ12-2 12GA. box-fed pump-action shotgun owners manual. (English, .pdf, 4.7 MB, 121 downloads)
SIG P210 - Gebrauchs-anleitung für SIG P210 halbautomatische pistole (German, .pdf, 1.5 MB, 323 downloads)

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