New Ruger American Rimfire Stainless Rifle


The Ruger American Rimfire Stainless rifle is a fetching firearm, configured to thrive in the roughest conditions.

There is something spectacular about stainless steel barrels. There is an edgy aesthetic appeal to the lustrous alloy, one that makes a firearm appear ready to tackle any task it’s called upon to complete. But it’s not just its striking good looks that attracts shooters, there’s also a little matter of performance.

Stainless steel barrels have built a reputation for their accuracy potentials, with shooters willing to shell out the extra bucks for an alloy that aids in tightening groups. On top of that, there is the durability of the stainless steel. While it will still rust if untended, the alloy certainly is inherently better at handling the elements than high-carbon steel.

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