Mounties short on money


It seems that the Mounties are so bad at managing their money that they can’t even afford to keep the useful records, yet they still yowl that the LGR is money well spent.  Go figure.

The Toronto (red) Star has the story:

Despite past audits — in 2000, 2004 and 2007 — that flagged serious delays in processing forensic, fingerprint and DNA evidence, backlogs continue. The latest audit says it takes up to 27 working days to process a new criminal record, 14 months to update an existing criminal record in English — up from 5 months in 2007 — while French updates take 36 months.


To cover shortfalls, the Mounties first tapped unspent funds for new recruits. When the Conservatives came to power and put a push on hiring, the money had to be found elsewhere. By 2009, national police services were still short $97.5 million. The RCMP then cut budgets for all its programs except the 2010 Olympics and contract policing by five per cent. In 2010-11, it levelled a 10.4-per-cent cut across program budgets.

That meant federal and international policing — which handles organized crime investigations, border integrity, drug enforcement and money laundering — was slashed by more than $47.7 million or 8.4 per cent.

The RCMP is now conducting two studies to identify real costs, and looking at “other delivery models” for forensic lab services, including privatization. Auditors suggested the study should include all national police services.

Meanwhile, RCMP management says it may make cuts as a result. [I can think of one cut to make -Ed.]

“Senior officials told us that this review will be followed by decisions that could include the termination of programs that are not a legal obligation of the RCMP, including some national police services.”

The auditor general acknowledged “there are limits to the RCMP’s capacity.”

And yet, they can somehow manage to keep up with the Great Canadian White Elephant’s appetites, including such buffoonery as “continuous-eligibility screening (just another way of saying that they run your name through CPIC every day, looking for an excuse to steal yolur guns).”

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