Miscelaneous Files


God only knows what else is in there

A bunch of files that just don’t fit any other category.

Think of it as a big digital junk drawer.

Or a scavenger hunt.  Yeah, that’s better; a scavenger hunt…

American 180 patent1.2 MBUS patent 3,969,980 for the American 180 .22LR SMG by Hubertus Brandstatter and Oswald Tscholl.474
Barrett 50 patent644.1 KBUS Patent 4,677, 897: Anti-Armor Gun by Ronnie G. Barrett. Filed Dec. 19, 1983.462
Glock pistols1.0 MBUS patent 5,705,763: Fire selector system for selecting between automatic and semi-automatic operation of a gun; by Jorge A. Leon.618
Gun Facts878.9 KBGun Facts 5.1: Your Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths. Get more information at gunfacts.info.471
Lead Mobility2.9 MBLead Mobility at Shooting Ranges - Prepared by EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. for SAMMI431
Lee-Enfield FAQ160.2 KBWhat you want to know about the Rifle of the Empire. This document for the British Lee-Enfield rifle was originally compiled by Ben Sansing in 1993. This version last updated on June 23, 1994..565
SPAS-15213.9 KBUS patent 4,930,399: High Volume Automatic and Semi-Automatic Firearm by John Trevor, Jr. (the Franchi SPAS)490


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