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Assault RiflesMilitary rifle and carbine manuals, along with manuals for some civilian variants of military rifles/carbines.

CAUTIONBear in mind that a civilian variant’s manual may be missing crucial information regarding the proper use and maintenance of the military original and should not be considered an accurate guide in such circumstances.  In other words: God gave you a brain – USE IT.

All documents are in English and .PDF format unless specifically stated otherwise.

AK-472.8 MB AK47 US Army Operators Manual v2 - US Army 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion695
AK-472.6 MB AK47 US Army Operators Manual v1 - US Army 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion637
AK-474.8 MB7.62-mm Kalashnikov Rifle (AK) Service Manual (poor quality)764
A 050/1/721
5,45-mm-Maschinenpistole AK74 und leichtes Maschinengewehr RPK74
Beschreibung und Nutzung
AMD-652.5 MB AMD-65 (Automata Módosított Deszant[fegyver] 1965) assault rifle Manual (Hungarian)506
AMD-65 / AKM-637.7 MB AMD 65 & AKM 63 Repair (javitasa) Manual (Hungarian; not the best quality)462
AR-10 / M15552.0 KB Operator's Manual for Armalite AR-10B & M15 series 7.62mm battle rifles.522
AR-182.3 MB Armalite AR-18 5.56mm assault rifle Operation & Maintenance Manual518
B-GL-317-018/PT-0011.4 MBWEAPONS VOLUME 18: THE RIFLE 5.56 mm C7 AND THE CARBINE 5.56 mm C8 (BILINGUAL). Issued on Authority of the Chief of the Defence Staff. OPI: LFC HQ, G3 INF 1987-10-19. Ch 3 - 1994-11-25. Canadian Armed Forces.1246
Druganov SVD411.5 KBTechnical Description and Service Manual for the Снайперская винтовка Драгунова, Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD), (literally "Dragunov's sniper rifle"). Civilian compilation.524
FN 491.9 MBUser's Manual for the FN Model 1949 semi-automatic service rifle designed by Dieudonné Saive.543
FN FAL/LAR2.0 MBFN Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle) Cal 7.62 mm (FN FAL/LAR) User's Manual. NOT identical to the FN C1 or other variants used by the Canadian Armed Forces, but still useful.771
FN FAL/LAR15.6 MBAnother FN Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle) Cal 7.62 mm (FN FAL/LAR) User's Manual. Also not the same as the FN C1 or others used by the Canadian Armed Forces.635
FN FAL/LAR473.8 KBFN FAL/LAR User's Manual607
GALIL1.9 MBOperator's Manual for IMI Galil Models ARM, AR & SAR assault rifles. May not be correct for use with civilian variants.556
Gewehr 41600.9 KBBeschreibung Handhabung und Behandlung. vom 16.2.43478
HK G32.8 MBHeckler & Koch G3 battle rifle User's Manual.712
HK G31.4 MBHeckler & Koch G3 Armorer's Manual: Instructions for Maintenance and Repair - HK International Training Division526
HK G362.9 MBHeckler & Koch G36 / G36 K - User's Manual626
K11 / K315.0 MBTechnisches Reglement Nr. T1 d: Der Karabiner (K. 11 und K. 31). Provisorische Ausgabe 1944315
K312.5 MBNr. 65.313 d: Der Karabiner 31 und die Zielfernrohrkarabiner 31/42 und 31/43. Anleitung fur den waffenmechaniker.292
Lee-Enfield376.3 KBManual for No.1 MK III, No.3 MK I, No.4 MK I & No.5 MK I. Enjoy your alphabet soup.589
M1 Garand1.1 MBSpringfield M1 Garand User's Manual.589
M110 Rifle6.6 MBMilitary Operator’s Manual
Stoner SR-25 7.62mm Mark 11 Mod 0 Type Rifle Systems
(KAC P/N: 98169 NSN: 1005-01-475-7980) and
Rifle 7.62mm U.S. Army Stoner Rifle (SR)-M110 (KAC P/N: 24123) and
Mk 11 Mod 2
June 2000 (Revised Jan 07)
Mauser 98K299.4 KB Owner's Manual for Mauser Karabiner 98K - Model 48 rifle in 8mm Mauser, by Mitchell's Mausers.570
Mauser M981.1 MBOperator's Manual for Mauser Model 98 (Gewehr 98) Rifles and Carbines manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN). While not identical, also very useful for reference regarding other M98 productions.552
Mosin-Nagant3.2 MBSoviet Mosin-Nagant Rifles, Carbines & Sniper Rifles Manual for models 1891, 1910, 1891/30, 1938 & 1944. ORDI 7-101 by Ordnance Corps, USA, May 1954.840
PSL806.3 KBInstruction Manual for the Romak-3 Dragunov (PSL) Romanian military designated marksman rifle in 7.62x54R.
RK 6212.4 MBRynnakkokivaarin Kasikirja: Ensimmainen osa 762 RK 62. Paaesikunnan Taisteluvalineosasto 1985 Lansi-Savo Oy, Mikkeli, 1985. Paaesikunta Helsinki.566
SKS915.5 KBSimonov Type 56 Training Circular document TC 9-56, Department of the Army, Washington, October 1969.575
SKS1.6 MBM59/66 Yugoslavian SKS Instruction Manual by Inter Ordnance.556
Springfield M19038.8 MBOperator's Manual - document TM 9-1270, US Army, 19 May 1942 for M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 & M1903A4.508
Steyr Aug2.0 MBDienstbehelf fur das Bundesheer, VersNr. 7610-10056-0296, Bundesministerium Landesverteidigung, Marz 1996.490
StG 441.7 MBZum Einlegen in das Gerät Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44). Gebrauchsanleitung Vom 3. 6. 44 Veränderter Nachdruck Dez. 1944. Oberkommando des Heeres, Heereswaffenamt, Amtsgruppe für Entwicklung und Prüfung, im Auftrag, Kittell590
TM 9-1005-239-107.1 MBOperator's Manual LONG RANGE SNIPER RIFLE (LRSR), CALIBER .50, M107 (NSN 1005-01-469-2133) - US Army document TM 9-1005-239-10, Department of the Army, Washington DC, May 2004, approved for public release.2045
TM 9-1005-239-23P5.7 MBBarrett M107 Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual - document TM 9-1005-239-23P (Army) TO 11W2-5-7-2 (Air Force) TM 11110A-OI (USMC), Departments of the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps, Washington DC, February 2006.878
TM 9-1005-249-1016.1 MBM16A1 Rifle Operator's Manual. Department of the Army, Washington, DC, 20 March 1979.397
TM 9-1005-306-10 / TO 11W3-5-4-10-1987.1 KBOPERATOR’S MANUAL: 7.62MM M24 SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM (SWS) (NSN 1005-01-240-2136) (EIC: 4WV). TM 9-1005-306-10 (Army) TO 11W3-5-4-10-1 (Air Force). HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY . CHANGE NO. 8. 13 June 20031060
TM 9-1005-319-103.1 MBM16A2, M4, M4A1 Operator' Manual. Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, DC, August 1986673
TM 9-1005-319-23&P2.6 MBM16A2, M4, M4A1 Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual - document TM 9-1005-319-23 (US Army), TO 11 W35-5-42 (USAF); Departments of the Army and Air Force, Washington, DC; 9 April 1997. Approved for public release.484
Tokarov590.2 KBManual for Soviet Tokarov Rifles & Carbines (incl. SVT) - US Army Ordnance Corps, May 1954556
US M1 Carbine15.7 MBOwner's manual for the US M1, M2 and M3 .30 caliber carbines, circa 1950.600
US M14/M1A762.4 KBGuide to National Match Accurizing As performed by US Army Shooting Team Gunsmiths. US Army Marksmanship Training Unit standards and procedures for rebuild of the M-14 battle rifle to meed USA-MTU specifications. Most information applies equally well to the civilian M1A semi-automatic rifle.585
Zf. K55863.0 KB Armorer's Manual. English translation of Swiss Army No. 65334 f Rifle (Der Zielfernrohrkarabiner 1955), Model 55 With Telescopic Sights (Mq lu 55) Arsenal Instructions. Valid as of 1 Dec 1967.497
Zf. K552.3 MBDer Zielfernrohrkarabiner (Zf. Kar. 55)55 Anleitung fur den Waffenmechaniker. Schweizerische Armee No. 65.334 d. Gultig ab 1Dezember 1967. Reglement des Ausbildungschefs betreffend. Gestutzt auf Artikel 5, Absatz 1, Buchstabe c der Verfugung des Eidgenossischen Militar Departements vom 11. Dezember 61 uber den Erlass von Militarischen Dienstvorschriften.386
Zf.Kar.55497.7 KBANHANG V zum Reglement 52.202 d Der Karabiner. Ausgabe 1956. Der Zielfernrohrkarabiner Modell 1955 (Zf.Kar.55) 1957. X.57 - 30 000 - 47613 Genehmigt im Auftrag des Eidg. Ausbildungschef Bern, den 17, Oktober 1957447

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