Military Pistols


Military pistol manuals, along with manuals for some civilian variants of military pistols.  Bear in mind that a civilian variant’s manual may be missing crucial information regarding the proper use and maintenance of the military original and should not be considered an accurate guide in such circumstances.

Also, this page is for pistols only, military revolvers, from when there was such a thing, are to be found on the Revolver Manuals page.

All documents are in .PDF format unless specifically stated otherwise.

B-GL-385-003/PT-001957.6 KBWEAPONS VOLUME 3: 9mm PISTOL (ENGLISH). Issued on Authority of the Chief of the Land Staff. OPI: Infantry School Small Arms Cell.800
Luger P083.3 MBLuger P08 "Guide on the Use of the German Model P.08 Pistol" 502
Swiss Luger2.1 MBLuger Anleitung zur: Kenntnis und Behandlung der Pistole 1900/06 Vom schweiz Bundesrate genehmigt den 31 Januar 1911 (Luger P08 Guide: Understanding and treating the gun in 1900/06 from Switzerland Bundesrat approved the January 31, 1911)456
Swiss Luger3.1 MBSchweizerische armee technisches reglement Nr. T 4 d; Die Pistole (P 06/29) Provisorische Ausgabe 1944532
TM 9-1005-317-23&P11.8 MBM9 Beretta Technical Manual, Unit and Intermediate Direct Support Maintenance Manual, Department of the Army, Washington, DC. (four .pdf files)415

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