Meet the Frankenregistry


Yeah, it’s still there.  Surprised?  You have no business being.

Never mind the fact that the law required all records and data of the reviled long gun registry to be destroyed.  Gun grabbers wipe their backsides with the law from privacy rights to due process to presumption of innocence and just about everything in between.  And the RCMP are turning out to be some of the worst of the bunch.

Back in 2012, the Conservatives supposedly took this enemy of all things good out behind the barn to be shot.  No such luck.  A transcript from 2015 is now showing that the Mounties kept at least half of the data that was supposed to be lobbed into the wood chipper.  Law?  What law?

We know it when we smell it.

To say we are rightly suspicious is a colossal understatement.  The CFC is now saying that they kept what they considered “non-personal data” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) from the registry.  But then they also say that they deleted all of the Quebec data, but then delivered the data on a hard drive.  What?

And now the Grits, with their usual malignancy, are scurrying to bring this abomination back from the not-so-dead with Bill C-52 which, among other things, orders the RCMP to hand over any and all data that it has on licensed gun owners and their non-restricted guns to the gun grabbers in Quebec.  Funny thing, it says nothing at all about handing over only information regarding Quebec residents.

For the three of you who haven’t managed to put two and two together already, what’s going on here is simple: The Grits, along with their accomplices in the RCMP, violated the law by keeping data they had no business having at all.  Now they want to make sure they can keep ignoring the law by creating so many copies of the data that hunting them all down would be damned near impossible.

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Sure, the RCMP has said plenty of times that it deleted data outside Quebec after the Conservatives passed C-19 in April 2012, ordering the destruction of the registry and its contents. But can we really trust the RCMP anymore?  Sadly, I would have to say no.

The cops kept on updating the Quebec data until March 2015, when Quebec lost a court case to obtain the data. According to the RCMP, they then deleted the Quebec data, just like they were required by law to do … but then they found it again later. How the hell do you “find” something that was supposedly destroyed, you ask?

I call bullshit.

So what did they keep?

As the CFP sees it, the registry was a database made up of 27 fields of data like your name, address, province, the make and model of your gun, its type and its calibre. They claim they erased data from 15 fields they “deemed personal,” but kept the other 12, according to RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter Henschel to parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance on June 4, 2015. Henschel was responsible for the Canadian Firearms Program.  According to the official transcript, he said:

“As defined by the Firearms Act and the associated regulations, we had identified some 27 fields within the Canadian Firearms Information System that related to the registration of firearms, which is what we consider to be the registry.  Of those, 12 did not include personal information. We made sure we had those 12 before we destroyed the data.”

The RCMP Commissioner of Firearms Report for 2012 -published in 2013- said that “In October 2012, the RCMP deleted all (except those of Quebec) electronic records identified as being related to the registration of non‐restricted firearms in the Canadian Firearms Information System.”  So how the hell is it that they have anything at all to hand over to Quebec now?

Henschel told the finance committee on June 4, 2015, that “When that decision was rendered on March 27, 2015, the RCMP deleted the remaining Quebec records from the Canadian Firearms Information System between April 10 to April 12, 2015.”  But then, less than three weeks later, on June 23, the RCMP handed over a hard drive with the Quebec registry data to a federal court.

This combination of selective deletion and weasel-speak from the RCMP has Canadian gun owners damn suspicious, and rightly so.  How can we -or any sane person, for that matter- possibly trust anything they have to say?  The lying bastards aren’t even bothering to try and cover their tracks anymore.  Yeah, we destroyed it, but here it is anyway.

The only way to get rid of this cancer is to trash C-68… COMPLETELY.  And please spare me the “what would you replace it with,” horse shit.  If you go to a doctor wanting a malignant tumor removed, the last thing you need to hear is “but what would I replace it with?”

This is no different.

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