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I wonder what their excuses will be for this one…

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource

We’ve known for quite some time now that there’s literally no depths to which gun grabbers won’t sink in their quest to deprive their fellow man of their fundamental rights but this, well…  Keep a barf bucket handy.

It seems that some roo-buggering Aussie attention whore has come up with an excuse for a video game in which the player gets to assume the role of Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza.  You start the game off by murdering your mother.  Then you go to the school and shoot kids.

All in the name of gun control and “doing it for the children,” of course.

The game itself, in case you’re wondering, is a bag of rattle and clunk that’s barely a step above ANSI, but that’s not the point.  This, I’m pretty sure, represents a new low in the gun grabbers’ sick fetish of exploiting dead children for their own benefit.

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Pardon me while I go shout some groceries.  And yes, the gun grabbers will publicly distance themselves from this POS for a while, but their two-faced nature will exert itself and they will use it the instant the heat blows over and they think they can get away with it.  Mark my words.

In case you’re wondering why Ryan Jake Lambourn’s name might sound familiar, it’s because he’s pulled this kind of vile crap before.  That’s right, this assclown was also behind a sick Virginia Tech simulation in 2007; only he was singing a different tune back then.  Back then he did it because he was, in his own damn words, a “heartless bastard,” who was “perfectly content laughing at the hypocrisy of everyone and taking my title as troll of the year,” and did it “so me and my friends and people like me and my friends could have a laugh.”  Oh, yeah; he tried to cash in on it, too.

A Sydney youth who created an uproar with an online game based on the Virginia Tech massacre, says he will remove the game if he receives $US2000 in “donations”.

Add another $US1000 and he promises to apologise.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I can think of a better way to spend three grand.

But it’s all different this time.  That’s right; this time he’s taking up the noble mantle of Gun Control®.  Of course he is, he’s just such a sensitive soul.  You can tell from his twitter exchange with Donna Soto, whose daughter Vicki died the noble, but futile, attempt to use herself as a human shield to save her students.  Don’t take my word for it:

What an asshole...

Yeah, he’s a real class act.  I need a good stiff drink…

Dennis E. FlorianWhile his stuff does get syndicated every now and then, Dennis E. Florian only writes for Gun Owners’ Resource — which is probably just as well, because he isn’t all that good.

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