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The onslaught of anti-gun legislation in the U.S. has failed, and the losers are sore.

The U.S. Senate froze the Obama train in its tracks for good reason. The U.S. president and his chorus were poised to introduce laws that were falsely aligned with public safety. The canny senators knew that those laws weren’t designed to avert mass shootings. They refused to cater to the media parade of victims because the legislation was an emotional mess of feel-good laws that are no solution at all.

Obama proceeded to throw verbal daggers at the senators who voted against his panacea. The president claimed they ignored the majority of Americans who want gun controls and accused the senators of protecting their jobs in the next election by supporting the National Rifle Association. Say what? Even if they did make their decision based on re-election, the senators are apparently convinced that the majority of people reject gun control. Obama undressed his own argument. In the end, the senators rejected Obama’s anti-gun laws because they didn’t provide any real solution to prevent mass shootings.

Anti-gun advocates always blame the tools of destruction when the assailant uses guns. But, when an attacker chooses to kill with blades, bombs, airplanes or biological warfare, the anti’s care more about the mindset of the accused and behaviour modification to avert future heinous acts. Gun control is pure political theatre designed to provide false security to voters. Unfortunately, many voters tend to support whomever serves them legislation that is more chicken soup than public safety.

Since the U.S. Senate voted down the gun control measures, the left-leaning media have been working overtime to rip the pro-gun groups to shreds. If you like guns, you don’t care about the safety of children, they bleat. Newtown parents have been flying around in Air Force One with Obama to proclaim the U.S. senators and the National Rifle Association are “shameless.”

What is shameless is a government that exploits distraught parents to introduce laws that can’t possibly avert future shootings, but are instead designed to assuage the public outcry to “do something.”

That’s what happened in Canada with Bill C-68 in 1995. Canadians who feel morally superior to our American cousins fail to see that U.S. legislators are simply more astute than ours were on the firearms file. Canada was saddled with legislation in 1995 that pretended to keep us safe and it was a very costly mistake.

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2013 DON MOORE MEMORIAL MATCH IN OTTAWA: Sadly, the shooting sports lost Don Moore on January 21, 2013. This year would have been his 30th annual Victoria Day shoot. Without Don’s determination and hard work, the matches would never have happened. To honour his memory and role in promoting the shooting sports, and these matches in particular, we are pleased to re-name them the Don Moore Memorial Match. The match is now administered by Ed Stevens of National Capital Region Rifle Association and National Defense HQ Rifle Association.

May 17, 18 and 19, 2013 – Register via email at or online at For information phone: 613-596-5062 Cell 613-864-5062

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CDN Events: CDN 1800; 9mm Service Pistol (9mm Service Pistol has had to change because it is no longer possible to get the required ammunition for the military pistols that were provided. Shooters must now bring their own 9mm semi-automatic service pistol and 60 rounds of factory 9mm FMJ ammunition. Match is fired one-handed at 25 metres at the charging man target.)

Location: Connaught Range is located near the Ottawa River, west of Shirley’s Bay. From Hwy. 417 (Exit 134), drive north on Moodie Drive 1.7 km. to Hwy 17B; left (west) from Moodie Drive to Rifle Road 2.6 km; turn right (north) on Rifle Road 2 km to Shirley’s Bay; left (west) on Malabar to Enfield Road right to Shirley Blvd Right to the outdoor pistol ranges.

Entries: Matches open to ALL competitors. Advance entries requested and may be confirmed if first choice not possible. If a competitor is unable to attend and has not notified the Registrar prior to the match, their registration fee may not be refunded.

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Each competitor will receive a souvenir and a post match bulletin. One open award for each event. MASTER will shoot for open awards only. Awards will be given to each class with 7 or more competitors. Class with less than 7 may be grouped with the next higher class. If not sufficient competitors, awards will be in cash.

Accommodations: Barrack accommodations and meals may be available on request.

Eye and ear protection are mandatory. Match rules and procedures are per NRA, CPCA and ISSF rules, as interpreted by the Match Committee.

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OTTAWA CITIZEN EDITORIAL DRINKS DEEP FROM OBAMA’S KOOLAID: “Shameful.” That’s how President Barack Obama characterized the failure of the U.S. Senate this week to approve a modest effort at gun-safety legislation, accusing Senators of bowing to pressure from the country’s powerful gun lobby. The description wasn’t adequate. It should have been “cowardly.” Or, perhaps, “morally corrupt.”…The mass murder prompted a massive public outcry, and demands for action from legislators. On Wednesday, the politicians fell down on the job, to say the least. The U.S. Senate blocked bipartisan legislation intended to impose more rigorous background checks on those wanting to buy guns. The measure would have made it slightly more difficult for criminals and those with mental illness — Adam Lanza? — to purchase firearms online and at gun-show events. The proposed law had the support of a majority of the senators — 54 to 46 — but failed to get the 60 votes needed to advance. An attempt to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines was also rejected.

“The American people are trying to figure out how something can have 90 per cent support and yet not happen,” Obama said afterward. “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

True, but it was former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, still recovering from being shot in the head by another deranged gunman in 2011, who best comprehended what had happened. “These senators made their decision based on political fear and on cold calculations about the money of special interests like the National Rifle Association, which in the last election cycle spent around $25 million on contributions, lobbying and outside spending,” she said in a New York Times opinion piece. In other words, senators put self-interest ahead of the interests of those they were elected to serve (and that, presumably, includes children). Giffords was right to accuse her former congressional colleagues of “cowardice.” …

It would be arrogant, and unneighbourly, for Canadians to claim moral superiority on the issue of gun control. American and Canadian political traditions are too different to bear direct comparison on the matter.

Traditionally, Canadians are inclined to give the collective good greater priority, while Americans tend to give more emphasis to notions of individual liberty. Still, it’s only reasonable to see a connection between the number of guns in American society and the lack of controls on access to them. Most every developed country, including Canada, has some form of gun licensing and firearms registration

Most also restrict handgun ownership. As good neighbours, we suggest this is only common sense. Surely even in freedom-loving America the public interest must take precedence over individual interests when it comes to preventing tragedies like that in Newtown.

Perhaps, though, the most worrisome aspect of the gun-control debate — besides concern for citizen safety — is something to which Giffords alluded when she accused senators of bringing “shame on themselves and our government.” … If Giffords is right, if the public good is hostage to the wealthy gun lobby, then the American commonwealth and its tradition of self-responsible liberty is in trouble.

That really would be a shame, not only for the United States but also for its neighbours. (Ottawa Citizen editorial – April 18, 2013)

EDITORIAL WRITER DISPLAYS ASTONISHING IGNORANCE OF HUNTERS: We all know the typical face of right-wing gun nuttery, from the local camo-clad yahoos in a pickup with a gun rack and jacklights all the way to Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, who blamed the Sandy Hook school massacre on violent films and video games and called for armed officers in every school.But there’s a new gun nut in town. .. he’s (got a) firearm slung over his shoulder — a 12-gauge birdgun or a scoped 30-06 hunting rifle, with loose shells spilling out of his coat pockets.

Hunting is suddenly fashionable. But what is remarkable is that this increased interest is coming not from people on the political right, but from those who usually identify with the progressive left. And it is threatening to undermine the gun control lobby from within at time when the U.S. is having the most serious conversation about the issue in decades. The hipster hunter trend has been quietly building for a few years.

In 2011, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would only eat meat from animals he had personally slaughtered. He said his motivation was both ethical and environmental — to understand where his food came from, and to consume as much of the animals that he kills as possible.

Similarly, in a column for Slate published last December, a writer named Emma Morris extolled what she sees as the progressive virtues of hunting. She argued that shooting wild animals for food is more ecologically sound than buying industrially raised meat, and more ethically “honest” than outsourcing the killing of the animal to a slaughterhouse employee.

Finally, last week the Vancouver Sun carried a feature about the phenomenon. Again, the story’s hip young subjects talked about twin benefits of ethical honesty and environmental sustainability.

It is important to realize that this is not one of those random countercultural hiccups that arise from time to time, like planking or the raw coconut craze of 2011. Instead, it is the deep internal logic of contemporary foodie culture working itself out. There is a self-radicalizing dynamic built into the values of the burgeoning locavore movement, and over the past decade, food-focused moral one-upmanship has shifted from the virtues of organic to local then to artisanal food, while the DIY imperative quickly evolved from casually making your own charcuterie to taking pig butchering classes to raising your own urban chickens. And once you’ve bought in, it is a short and entirely logical step to the conclusion that both ethics and environmentalism demand that you hunt, kill and dress any meat you choose to eat.

Which means if you’re a sincere and consistent locavore, and you want to eat meat, you need to learn to shoot a gun. The problem is, neither of the main arguments in favour of shooting what you eat have been carefully thought out…. The problem is there are simply not enough wild animals to go around. Hunters killed about six million deer in North America last year. Meanwhile, 38 million cattle were slaughtered. Since you get five times as much meat from a cow as you do from a deer, to substitute industrially raised beef for wild venison would require a deer harvest in the range of 190 million deer. That can’t happen of course, since there are only about 32 million deer in all of North America.

A handy tip for determining the validity of a moral injunction to ask yourself, “what if everybody did that?” And it is surely problematic that fully implementing the “sustainable” locavore agenda would result in the extermination of the wild deer population at the hands of a foodie horde…

If anything, the locavore culture ties into an utterly reactionary world view, seeking to drag society back to the 19th century. But more critically, it is — to put it mildly — a bit of a problem for the gun control lobby that a significant percentage of self-styled progressives are pushing a moral program that requires a massive increase in gun ownership among the very people it ought to be able to count on as its core constituency.

The upshot is, you can believe in local food, or you can believe in gun control. But you almost certainly cannot believe in both. (By Andrew Potter, Managing Editor — The Ottawa Citizen — April 18, 2013)

STICKS AND STONES AND PURPLE PROSE- THIS IS JOURNALISM?: And now for a few choice words about the recent Senate vote which scuttled universal background checks on gun purchases. And the first three of those words are… Yellow-Bellied Cowards. Here’s a couple more. Gutless Craven Chicken-Hearted Invertebrates. Dastardly Lily-Livered Spineless Jellyfish with the moral compunction of inbred Piranhas crowded into a too-small tank filled with liquid meth.That giant arrogant pimp known as the NRA should be laughing hysterically after its lackeys trashed the ephemeral spirit of compromise that had settled over Washington like a soft dawn mist. Ninety percent of Republicans voted against an issue 90 percent of the American people support. A bipartisan bill that was so watered down, it was translucent. Leaked moisture all through the Senate chamber to a depth of a half-inch. Would have easily supported two schools of guppies.

The senators that deigned to speak before scurrying down their greasy little wormholes to bunk in the nether regions of hell, whined that pro-gun forces punish politicians for votes, while pro gun-control forces don’t. Nobody mentioned the right thing to do or keeping automatic weapons out of the hands of felons or making the country or our schools safer. You know, their job.

The NRA, itself worried about being primaried from the right by other gun associations, encouraged its well-compensated hookers to compete among themselves to see who could lie most outrageously. Numerous senators claimed the bill would lead to a national gun registry even though the very bill they spoke of included provisions to specifically prohibit such a thing. Perhaps it needs to be spelled out in simpler language like: “Gun Registry — Bad. Not Good. No- Go. Not Going to Happen.”

Besides, exactly what is wrong with a national gun registry? You have to register a car. Most cities mandate bicycles be licensed. You need a card to take a book out of a library for crum’s sakes. Proving that some people are much more comfortable with guns than they are books. Which is part of the problem.

In what was surely meant as an inside joke, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn complained the bill would raise taxes. Why stop there? And child pornographers will camp in your back yard practicing Shariah law with uncircumcised goats riddled with Chinese bird flu.

This time the NRA may have overreached. Perpetrated an outrage too far. A revulsion too great. Could very well have created its own Frankenstein monster. Ninety percent is a big figure. You’d think even the most casual of voters might tend to remember when someone turns their back on the country, jumps up and down on a litter of new born puppies then parties. And it would only take a committed few to throw their allegiance to candidates who pledge loyalty to the nation rather than a lobby that focuses on weapons of mass destruction… (By Will Durst — April 19, 2013 —

NSSF STATEMENT FOLLOWS SENATE VOTES: The U.S. Senate voted on several measures that would have impacted the firearms and ammunition industry and our Second Amendment rights. Thanks to the hard work of our allies in the Senate, in the end no anti-gun measures were adopted.The flawed Manchin-Toomey amendment, opposed by NSSF, was defeated as was Senator Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) amendment to institute a new “assault weapons ban” and an arbitrary limit on magazine capacity. Unfortunately, a handful of positive, solutions-based amendments also failed to pass the Senate. The NSSF-backed Grassley substitute amendment, which would have improved current law and fixed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), fell short by one of the closer margins of today’s amendments.

All Americans share the goal of wanting to make our communities safer. The civil debate on the Senate floor today further shows that reasonable minds can disagree on how to best achieve this goal. Looking ahead, NSSF will continue to work to find real solutions that improve current law, fix the NICS background check system to ensure all appropriate criminal and adjudicated mental health records are entered into the system, to provide law enforcement with additional tools they need to arrest and prosecute illegal firearms traffickers and straw purchasers and to urge effective, consistent enforcement of existing laws, all without infringing our Constitutional rights and unduly burdening our industry.

Today’s votes do not represent the end of the discussion in Congress or in America. NSSF looks forward to moving ahead with the work that remains to be done to try and help make our families safer and preserve our firearms freedoms. (NSSF media release — April 17, 2013)

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