Lie #1: Nobody needs a gun

Oh, really?

Actually, there are one hell of a lot of people who need guns; even in a “nice” country like Canada.  For the year of 2008 in Canada, according to Statistics Canada’s Police-Reported Crime Statistics, 2008, there were:

  • 611 homicides
  • 723 attempted murders
  • 32,281 robberies
  • 58,269 serious assaults[1]
  • 21,483 sexual assaults[2]
  • 5,142 kidnappings
  • 3,912 “other violent criminal code violations”

Added up, this comes out to 122,421[3] crimes committed against Canadian citizens in the space of a single year.

There are 525,600 minutes in a year.  Simple arithmetic therefore shows that there is a serious crime committed against a Canadian victim every 4.3 minutes.  That’s right: not even five minutes passes in Canada on any given day when someone, somewhere doesn’t need a gun.  

The population of Canada, as of July 2008, was estimated to be 33,212,696.  This means that, in an average Canadian city the size of London ON (population 352,395 in the 2006 census), almost exactly 1,300 people needed a gun at some point in 2008.

And this is not some lawless backwater or failed state.  This is Canada…


  1. This number includes aggravated assault, assault with a weapon or assault causing bodily harm, but omits minor (categorized as “level 1”) assaults.
  2. Not including sexual violations against children.
  3. It should be noted that this number only includes those crimes that were actually reported to police and, even then, does not include the more than 180,000 more minor “level 1” assaults reported in the same year.