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London, Ontario board of control wants on the Banned Wagon

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource staff

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing in this world that can make more trouble for people than a liberal with a bad idea. Like the worst kind of religious fanatics, they will pursue their agendas blindly in the face of all reason, facts, or even the law. And if the God-given rights of a few hundred, or thousand, or even millions of people get trampled in the process… Well, you can’t social-engineer an omelet without breaking a few eggs, can you?

By now, most gun-owning folks north of the 49th parallel know all about the foolishness of Toronto Mayor David Miller and his never ending tilt at the national handgun ban windmill (his little T.O. Gun Free Zone notion is currently being challenged in court by the CSSA). What folks might now know is that, just a couple hours down the 401, you can find evidence of just how contagious stupidity can be.

Welcome to London; please leave your common sense at the door

Mayor Miller — known in the Canadian shooting community as “His Blondness,” as well as a bunch of other things nor fit for a mixed audience — has long been looking for kindred spirits in other city councils to join him on his righteous crusade to Ban All Bad Things. Sadly, he seems to have managed to find some sympathetic ears on the city of London’s board of control.

As reported in the London Free Press, the handgun ban motion was already brought before the board on February 11, when Controller Gina Barber — who apparently has some difficulty with such heady concepts as the difference between federal criminal law and municipal bylaws, and the jurisdictional differences therein — entered the motion to support the ban. The problem was that no one seemed to want to second the motion. Being a gun grabber on the London board can a rather lonely and under-appreciated lot in life, it would seem.

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But let’s not forget what I said about liberals with bad ideas. Rather than let the notion that nobody wants die of natural causes, Barber instead asked staff to prepare a second option: A ban that would create exclusions for those who own legally registered guns.

What? Um, bartender… Give me two of what she’s been having.

It’s buffoons like this that strike me with a near-overpowering urge to fall to the ground, clawing at every inch of exposed skin and screaming, “Aaauuuggghh! The stupid; it BURNS!!!” Gee whiz, a resolution that you’re not allowed to have handguns … unless you’re allowed to have handguns. In the presence of such towering intellect, I feel inadequate all of a sudden. Not.

Thankfully, though, not all is idiocy and asshattery in the Forest City. London Chief of Police Murray Faulkner has neither interest in, nor patience with, political optics-over-reality exercises. His memo to the board reads, in part:

In response to correspondence from the City Clerk with respect to a request from Toronto Mayor David Miller to support a proposed handgun ban across Canada, the following are my thoughts:

  1. Ownership of handguns is strictly controlled and has been for some time. Those who choose to break the law will do so, regardless of restrictions or bans.
  2. If restricting ownership of handguns for ordinary, law-abiding citizens had a positive impact on crime, our existing laws would already have produced benefits.
  3. Having an unregistered handgun is currently a criminal offence.
  4. Handgun bans have not produced the desired outcome. Washington, D.C., for instance, which routinely ranks among America’s murder capitals, has had a ban on handgun ownership for more than 30 years. (This had just recently been overturned by the Supreme Court.)
  5. Calls for a handgun ban are effectively symbolic, as the logic follows that if no one could legally possess one, few could be stolen. The challenge for Canada remains that many of the handguns seized, some 70 percent, arrive illegally from the United States.

These are just a few of the reasons why I DO NOT support this proposal.

Isn’t it nice to see a public official talking sense for a change?

If you go…

This foolishness is coming up again tonight. The details, with thanks to the CSSA for details and links, are as follows:

City Council will receive the recommendation from the February 11th Board of Control Meeting as noted below. Board of Control has recommended that the matter be referred back to the City Solicitor to write two motions:
a) a motion to support a total ban on handguns; and
b) a motion to support a total ban on handguns, except at clubs.

The exact minutes and wording are listed in the links below.

Council starts at 5pm sharp. You may attend the meeting at City Hall by accessing the public gallery via the 3rd floor. You will not be allowed to speak or disturb the meeting. The gallery can be cleared if unruly. That would not support our cause.

After a couple of presentations, the Board of Control agenda is the first order of business and the handgun ban is #19 on that list. It should be dealt with before 6pm. The item may be discussed, referred back as written, amended and sent back, or defeated. It could take one-minute or much longer.

If this gets referred back for a motion to be worded to support a ban, the item will appear back for voting at a future date.

Council is video recorded and replayed starting at 9pm on Rogers Cablecast.

For your convenience, here are all the links in one spot with a brief explanation.

Background Information:

This went to Board of Control Feb 11, 2009.
Board of Control Agenda.pdf
Background information on the agenda.pdf
Memo from London Chief of Police.pdf

Minutes from the Meeting
8th Report of the Board of Control.pdf
East Elgin’s presentation.pdf

Council Agenda for Monday Feb 23, 2008
Council Agenda.pdf
Crumlin’s letter to Council.pdf
Added communication from Dr Kovacs.pdf

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