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Look to see the anti’s cycle up the scare machine

by Bryan Moir
Culture War

For those of you who are not convinced that we are in the midst of a Culture War, you may want to pay particular attention to the various media outlets (CBC, Global, CTV) over the next few weeks. Gun and gun-control related stories are on the increase.


It is rumoured that there will be changes to the Firearms Act introduced before the House rises for the summer recess. With four bi-elections this June and a full federal election next year, this will be the last chance the CPC gets to change the Firearms Act, and thereby solidify their base.
The Toronto Star, The U.S. Brady Campaign in Canada (The Coalition for Gun Control), the CBC and other anti-gun media groups have already started their propaganda blitzkrieg to sway public opinion against any changes to the Firearms Act, and in the process, continue to wage its war against our culture — those of us who “cling to our guns and individualism”. After all, that is all we have…right?

In addition, they continue to try to drive a wedge between the CPC and its firearms base by implying that the reclassification issue of two rifles earlier this year was done with the full knowledge and approval of Minister Blaney. In fact, the CBC has recently run a story to this effect.

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Sun News has countered by calling into question the facts and timeline surrounding the CBC’s story. Sun News states that the “RCMP did not act in good faith”…and only gave the Minister their briefing 6 hours before it went into effect.

In addition to the “state-broadcaster’s” blitz, the Toronto Star since April 12th has been running a weekly series about the guns. Coincidence? Maybe.

Furthermore, the Globe & Mail has been printing at least one gruesome gun related story a week since the NRA Convention last month invoking the images of death and destruction with one headline “Cold Dead Hands…13 (highly manipulated) facts about American Gun Culture”. The G&M has been focusing on American-style gun violence with each story more tragic than the last.

While most of the stories continue to vilify the object, rather than the criminal behaviour, it does show one thing. Gun ownership, gun use, gun pride, gun culture is no longer a dirty little secret only to be spoken about in hushed tones. Guns are main stream and front and center on the national stage. All the attention the anti-gun media has brought to the issue has unwittingly reaffirmed the breadth and depth of their importance in, and to, our cultural fabric.

The Pandora’s Box opened by the gun control debate now cannot be shut. We know it. They know it. Firearms legislation is a cultural divide that pits firearms owners and our way of life squarely against the advocates of gun control. Former cabinet minister Wayne Easter candidly admitted that the anti-gun stand by the Liberals cost them 60 seats in the last election. Gun control has proven to be a political third rail. In order to win, the Liberal’s and their anti-gun supporters need to create confusion and dissension between firearms owners and the CPC.  The Liberals cannot take this issue head on without a strategy to bleed away financial and voter support from the CPC.

You need to explain to your family, friends, and neighbours how the media is manipulating this story and that by losing this fight we will lose more than just our firearms. We will lose our culture. The gloves are off. It is us against them. It it open warfare. Unlike most other things Canadian, there can be no compromise on this.

Original web source: Part XVII – Open Warfare


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