John Evers vs… well, everybody


Hello, and welcome to all the Canadian Gun Nutz!

Not one of them?  Don’t worry, you might find this amusing anyway.

As you may or may not already know, everybody’s favourite meteorological melonhead (those who know him will get that one) decided to do his own little Daniel in the lions’ den bit and went on Focal Point with Nancy Coldham (airs on Rogers TV in Newmarket, Ontario) on March 24th.

The topic was Bill C-391 and the wonderful Canadian long gun registry.  Along with John, the panel was made up of:

  • James Morton – lawyer, blogger and (surprise surprise) President of the Thornhill Liberal Riding association.
  • Jim Wright – an officer with the York Regional Police’s guns and gangs unit.  A nice enough guy, even if he does come across as a bit wet behind the ears on some points.
  • Late to the party we have Wendy Cukier, aka the Wicked Witch of the North – official mouthpiece for the coalition for gun control and possibly Canada’s most notorious gun grabber. (for some reason, I kept expecting her to glare over at John and spit out something like “He wants it, he does!  Wants to takes it from us!  Our precious…)
  • And of course the host, Nancy Coldham – whom you’d think might be neutral, but considering a) she’s is the President of the Laura Marsh Foundation (whose mandate is headhunting for women who want to be Liberal MPs) and b) she starts off with classic Liberal propaganda (such as 92% of cops use the registry regularly and 74% say it’s beneficial), that we really have to count her as a panelist for the gun grabber camp.

Doesn’t John just know how to pick the best playmates?  So sit back, relax, grab a cold one and enjoy the show (bear in mind, it’s a big honkin’ file, so this might take a minute)…

You should also feel free to download the whole show
in Flash video format at the bottom of the post.

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Focal Point
Focal Point
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