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Publicly packing in Canada – yes/no and if so, how?

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource

It’s the Frankenquestion of Canadian gun politics and the RKBA movement in this country.  Every time people think it’s dead and buried, it pops up and starts lurching around again and the gun grabbers start breaking out the pitchforks (well, okay, they don’t actually do it themselves – they figure there are People Who Work For The Government To Do That© – but you get the idea).  And lately it seems to be popping up a lot for some odd reason or other.Everybody and their dog knows that the Yanks have been packing in public, in one form or another, in ever greater numbers for years now with none of the apocalyptic results augured by the Brady Bunch and their fellow travelers.  North of the 49th however, Big Nanny® seems to think that we should have to go begging to her, Oliver Twist-like, for permission to exercise what any thinking person should recognize as a fundamental human right.  And being able to actually get that permission… well, that’s literally a one in a million proposition.

While my own opinions on gun laws are, or at the very least should be, quite well known to anyone who’s ever spent more than thirty seconds reading anything I’ve ever written, I’d still like to know what’s on everyone else’s mind.  Before you vote, bear in mind that this isn’t about what you do or don’t think is or isn’t possible, it’s about what you yourself believe should be done…

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