Ian Needs Your Help (updated)


Ian Thompson needs your help! Via Canadian Cincinnatus:

Once again, our right to self-defense is under attack by the Province of Ontario

In March of this year, Ontario’s crown prosecutors persecuted Ian Thompson of Welland for the crime of defending himself against multiple armed attackers who assaulted his house in the wee hours of the morning. Mr. Thompson’s sin was that he used a gun to defend himself and his property (which was being firebombed). I wrote about it here and here. The result was a legal nightmare for Ian Thompson, that I had thought he had won, thanks to public pressure that gun rights activists had brought to bear on this case.

But I now hear from Mr. Thompson’s lawyer, Ed Burlew, that the persecution still lingers to this day. According to Mr. Burlew, “The charges of weapons dangerous and careless use were dropped. However, the crown is still prosecuting Mr. Thompson on the charges of careless storage of the firearms and a two-day trial is scheduled for January 30 and 31.”

If you know anything about Canadian gun law in, you will know that careless storage is the catchall charge that the cops use to go after gun owners if they want to get them when they haven’t done anything wrong. Any reasonable prosecutor would have dropped the matter completely when the careless use charges were dropped. Of course, any reasonable prosecutor would not have pursued this outrageous matter in the first place. What is happening is that an obstinate persecutor is going after Mr. Thompson out of spite.

His lawyer, Ed Burlew, is appealing for donations again, as Mr. Thompson is (or was) unemployed and is therefore not wealthy. I have mailed in my cheque. To see how you can help Mr. Thompson (and help protect our right to defend ourselves), please call Ed Burlew’s office at 905-882-2422.

I’ll also be calling Ed’s office when I get the chance, to find out if there’s a PayPal account that money can be sent to.  More later…

UPDATE: For those of you who were wondering, you can send (or drop off) your donations to:

Edward L Burlew Barr & Solctr
16 John St.
Thronhill ON
L3T 1X8

All cheques, money orders, etc. need to be made out to “Edward Burlew in trust.”  Sorry, no PayPal or other methods at this time and, so far as I can tell, no plans for that in the future.

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