How (not) to keep schoolchildren safe


Unlike good wine, stupidity doesn’t improve with age

Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
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Whilst we often tell ourselves that the utter malignancy of gun grabbers and the assorted gun control profiteers who would line their pockets from the fear sewn by them can’t possibly get any worse, we are too often shown that yes, they can.  This time, it’s a company from Oklahoma called ProTecht that has punched through the barrel’s floor and continued on its merry way.


These buzzards claim that they’ve got the solution to school shooting: bullet resistant blankies.  Problem is, this sort of idiocy has been done before, over 60 years ago, and it’s not one damn bit smarter now than it was then.

The only thing worse than gun grabbers — or at least, the only thing that comes to mind at the moment — are some of the parasites looking to use people’s fears to fatten their own wallets.  It’s all the more sickening when they’re trying to do it by peddling snake oil like this.

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To many in the MSM, naturally, it’s just a jolly good idea.  As you may have guessed, i don’t share their opinion (to put it in a way that’s fit for a website that kids come to sometimes).

I swear to Christ, I’m utterly astonished that they didn’t conclude the damn article with “and put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.




And wait for a duly authorized organ of the oh-so-much-wiser-and-better-than-you Government to saunter along and save your hide.  Assuming you’re still alive.  Teachers, don’t worry; there’s a role for you to play too.  It’s called meat shield.  Remember your work ethic, now.

But don’t you dare even think about actively doing something to prevent your own death or the deaths of those around you.  That’s the exclusive job of The Government®.  And thou shalt render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s — which is everything, right?

Some turn to bullet-resistant blankets after U.S. school shootings

by Heide Brandes

(Reuters) – An Oklahoma company that sells a blanket to protect children from gunfire has seen its business grow after a spate of U.S. school shootings has left parents and educators on edge.

ProTecht of Oklahoma originally developed its “Body Guard” blanket product to keep children safe from high-speed debris flying through the air from the tornadoes that frequently hit the state, but many parents see it as armor against bullets, the company said on Thursday.

“The government is not going to do anything in law about guns, and there is nothing else out there to protect the children,” said Stan Schone, who helped develop the blanket.

The 5/16th-inch (7.9 millimeter) pad is made from bullet-resistant materials that can be folded and strapped on the back and then unfurled to hide under in emergency situations. The blankets sell for about $1,000.

The company declined to provide sales figures.

Co-developer Steve Walker, an Oklahoma podiatrist, came up with the idea of a protective blanket after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in late 2012 and a tornado a few months later that killed 24 people in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, including seven children at school.

Since Sandy Hook, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at the school in Connecticut, scores of school shootings have occurred in the United States. The most recent was in Oregon this week when a teenage gunman shot a student to death and then killed himself.

In ProTecht’s home state of Oklahoma, most schools are interested in the product for tornado protection, but orders were also coming from Canada, France, Germany, South Korea and other countries.

“I’m glad we can make a difference in helping keep kids safe, but it’s a sad thing that we need a product like this,” Schone said.

BOHICA good, self defense bad. Wait, what?

Care to guess what the worst of all this friggin’ tomfoolery might happen to be?  Well, if Facebook is to be believed, sales have already, in the words of the manufacturer, “far exceeded our wildest expectations.”  Just.  F—ing.  Great.

You can find more of this insanity, if you have the stomach for it, can be found here, here, and a bunch of other places I’m not even gonna bother with.  Google it if you’re feeling masochistic.

Far more intelligent observations can be found here, here, here, here, here … you get the idea.

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