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High River Gun Grab a “blight” on retiring RCMP Commissioner’s long and storied career

Bob Paulson is stepping down as the top cop at the RCMP. He served as Commissioner since November 2011, spent 32 years serving with the Mounties and before that, six years in the army. Anyone that serves their country for four decades has to be admired.

And while I have problems with Paulson over one major issue, the fact is that on other files, the force under his command has done some amazing work.

Watch as I lay out what he did well, and the one issue I have a problem with – the High River gun grab, a massive violation of civil rights mostly ignored by the media because they have no time for gun owners.

When flooding hit High River, Alberta in late June 2013 the town declared a state of emergency. Residents evacuated secure in the knowledge that they needed to look after themselves first and that local authorities would protect their belongings.

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  1. There is a master of puppets pulling strings in the Gov because I do not believe anyone in the RCMP would even over step the boundary of their sworn oath to serve & protect. Unfortunately if this is indeed fact them this would make him a stringed political pawn puppet to go side with such a horrendous breach of public trust and faith.


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