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Dennis E. Florianby Dennis E. Florian
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How can you possibly keep people safe from acts of mass terrorism like the September attack on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall?  Gun owners have had the solution for decades, and now the world’s top international cop has set the cat  among the pigeons by saying the same thing that we’ve been saying all along: the solution is armed citizens.

So much for the gun grabbers’ meme about all cops being in love with gun control.

Yes, Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble caused gun grabbers to pinch a panicked loaf in their collective Stanfields on Tuesday after the official opening of the 82nd annual gathering of the Interpol’s governing body this week in Cartagena, when he had the gall to actually come out and state the obvious:

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Noble said there are really only two choices for protecting open societies from attacks like the one on Westgate mall where so-called “soft targets” are hit: either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.

“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem,” Noble said. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the quietly murmured “oh, poop” coming from the Cukiers and Bloombergs.

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You can forget about buttoning soft targets up, no matter how leftists and police unions may be set a-quiver by the notion; there are only so many cops to go around (and weeding out the bad apples is hard enough with the numbers that there are) and they can’t be everywhere.  Every cop guarding a mall is a cop not patrolling somewhere else.  And that’s not even taking time to bother with the question of whether or not we want to be living in a society where organs of the state (like police) are every-damn-where.  Orwell must be gloating from his grave.

Noble: not bothering with BS. (photo: Interpol)

Ask yourself: If that was Denver, Col., if that was Texas, would those guys have been able to spend hours, days, shooting people randomly? What I’m saying is it makes police around the world question their views on gun control. It makes citizens question their views on gun control. You have to ask yourself, “Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?” This is something that has to be discussed.

For me it’s a profound question. People are quick to say “gun control, people shouldn’t be armed,” etc., etc. I think they have to ask themselves: “Where would you have wanted to be? In a city where there was gun control and no citizens armed if you’re in a Westgate mall, or in a place like Denver or Texas?”

Well amen, hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

We’ve always known that “gun-free zone” was really just a euphemism for “target-rich environment,” and we’ve long suspected that they were really just propaganda tools for the gun grabbers.  After all, there’s nothing they seem to love more than a big body count, and defenseless targets all but guarantee that’s what they’ll get.

This needs to be addressed openly and honestly, and it needs to be addressed now.  As the methodologies of terrorism change to adapt to the new security paradigm that has taken shape since the September 11 attacks, it becomes ever more vital that the right of individuals to exert control over their own safety be acknowledged and respected if the free world is to remain truly free.  As security has been beefed up around things the state considers important (i.e., not you), making them hard targets, soft targets have already become the terrorists’ new sinecure of choice.  The people in these places should not be reduced to the status of fish in a barrel.

It was armed bystanders who saved hundreds of lives (yes, hundreds) in Nairobi, not unscrupulous, self-serving conceits about gun-free zones, licenses, registries, or any of the other fetishes the Wendy Cukiers of the world so wantonly mollycoddle themselves with.

If you’re the type who would rather cower helplessly while you wait for Someone In Authority® to show up and save your hide, that’s your problem.  But what the hell makes you think you somehow have the right to drag anyone else down with you?

You don’t.

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