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What. The. Fuuuuu…..????

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy revolving around one of the gun industry’s oldest publications – Guns and Ammo Magazine.

In the December 2013 issue of the magazine, long time contributing editor Dick Metcalf made some bold assertions about regulating Second Amendment rights.

Grant Cunningham has some good analysis on the column,

To be well regulated, the militia (which was comprised of all able-bodied males) required the availability of and access to the weapons they would need in order to maintain their proficiency. That’s why the Amendment was written: to maintain access to personal defensive arms for the people so that they could protect themselves and, by extension, their country.

Metcalf’s article buys into the idea that regulated means legislated, and then — inexplicably for someone who calls himself an expert on Constitutional law — uses his misunderstanding to say, in essence, that all legislated infringements are perfectly acceptable because they’re just the regulations that the Amendment allows.

We don’t like to report on what other publishers are saying without some context, so we’ve held off on saying anything about it until there was some feedback from Guns and Ammo themselves.

via Guns Save Lives.

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