Glock Recoil Spring Replacement Notice


Voluntary replacement of spring assemblies in Gen4 pistols

(Limited to the Gen4 models, but Glock covers all the shipping)

Glock has announced that it is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols shipped between August 2009 to July 21, 2011, to ensure each pistol’s performance meets the proper standards. With several variations of the RSA in the market today, Glock’s goal with this voluntary exchange is to standardize the RSA to gain the best possible performance in each pistol.

Glock’s product development team has modified various elements of the RSA. The new RSA compensates for all design modifications made to the Gen4 and lets the pistols function up to Glock’s quality standards and reliability goals.

Owners should note that Gen4 G26 and G27 models will not require a modified recoil spring. “We are moving proactively and quickly to standardize this part of the pistol. This is a voluntary exchange specifically for the new Gen4 models,” said Gary Fletcher (VP of Glock). “We have developed a program for consumers to send in their existing recoil spring assemblies and receive new ones at no cost.”

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The replacement of the Gen4 pistol RSA can be performed as part of the regular field-strip process so no, you don’t need to take the Gen4 pistol to an armorer. Owners are urged to call 1-877-745-8523 to order their new recoil spring.

From Glock’s website:


GLOCK Inc. is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols (with the exception of G26 and G27 models). GLOCK has developed a new design to the recoil spring assemblies on its Gen4 pistols to replace several variations that are functioning in the market today. As part of the company’s commitment to perfection, we are voluntarily exchanging the existing RSA in order to ensure our products perform up to GLOCK’s stringent standards.

GLOCK is replacing the RSA in all Gen4s sold before July 22, 2011 at no cost. Please complete the following procedure to receive a new RSA. The RSA can safely and simply be swapped out using normal field stripping protocols. If you have additional questions, please contact GLOCK at 1-877-745-8523 with your serial number and model number.


  1. Call 1-877-745-8523 with your serial number and model number to request your modified RSA. GLOCK will verify your serial number and collect shipping information
  2. Within 30 days, GLOCK will send you a replacement RSA along with a pre-addressed envelope to mail in your old spring
  3. Ensure your Gen4 is completely unloaded
  4. Field strip your GLOCK per the instructions found in your ‘Instructions for Use’ manual that came with your pistol and replace the old RSA with the new one
  5. Place the old RSA in the supplied shipping container and give to the United States Postal Service (USPS)

For more information and details, visit

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