For When The Dead Rise


Take your prepping to a whole ‘nuther level

ZOMG! Zombies!!And lo, I beheld as the sea did give up all of her dead, to the last one,
and Death and the grave each gave up also all the dead within them.
And upon that day shall all be judged by the deeds they have done.
Revelations 20:13

We’ve been complaining about it for years, but nobody ever seemed to be listening to us.  “What a crock,” they said.  “You’re nuts,” they said.

Well, someone out there has finally tuned in: Hornady has just announced the release of their new Z-Max ammo — available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 7.62 Soviet, .223, .308 and 12g 00 Z-shot.  At long last, we have an ammo specifically designed for the one task all others seemed to ignore: putting zombies down and making sure they stay there.  When the dead rise, you’ll be ready.

No, seriously; they did this. 😀

And here’s the official line that goes along with it:

Be PREPARED – supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max ammunition from Hornady Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets… yes, PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets …(Have you seen a Zombie?).  Put the dead to rest for good

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Ya gotta love it.

Sort of like the Zombocalypse itself, it wasn’t a question of if some major ammo company would introduce a line of zombie-specific ammo, it was just a matter of when.  Well, now we know, since Hornady’s new Zombie Max ammunition and Proven Z-Max bullets made their debut. The announcement didn’t come as some boring-ass press release, either. Check out the video sent by Hornady’s marketing department:

I guess we know what Pam Beasley’s ex-fiance has been up to these days.  Actually, it’s not a bad video at all — for a bunch of guys that make ammo, not movies.  As John Taranto pointed out over at Outdoor Life:

The make-up work on the zombies is fantastic. Their realism is right up there with that of the walkers in “The Walking Dead.” Speaking of which, do you think it was a coincidence that Zombie Max ammo was announced just three days before the season-two premier of the critically acclaimed AMC show? Me neither.

Actually, I was more thinking about it being just before halloween but hey, what do I know?  Steve Hornady even had himself a little chinwag with Ben O’Brien over at G&A today about it.

Ben O’Brien: Who do you expect will be the core buyer for Zombie Max?

Steve Hornady: Well, anyone and everyone who’s worried they won’t be adequately prepared when it happens in their neighborhood.

BO: How did this awesome idea come about?

SH: I’ve seen several of the documentaries and read the history books (e.g Dawn of the Dead, World War Z etc.), which is when I learned of this threat and realized we weren’t really prepared. I felt we had a civic duty to our customers, our nation, nay simply the living, to offer the most effective ammunition we could develop.

BO: Any suggestions for zombie hunters out there as to how the ammo is most effectively used to kill the walking dead?

SH: Well, head shots or brain stem are the only effective shots on Zed so we focused on rapid fire quick recovery rounds. There was considerable debate about the shotgun round since, in my opinion, accurate shot placement is important. If Zed is close enough to reliably hit the brain with a shotgun then your situation may be dire indeed, and shotgun ammo is heavy, so you simply cannot carry as much as you will need. However, ultimately, I was convinced that for many shooters this may be their only rapid response firearm, at least initially.

BO: Describe the “testing” process for Z-MAX and how it came to be dubbed “proven.”

SH: Well, first we used our historical expertise in designing bullets after analyzing just what would be the objective. Field testing has proven we were right. After all you can’t find any walking dead now can you?

BO: What are the effective zombie-killing ranges for the handgun offerings? How about the .223 and .308?

SH: For the handgun rounds as well as the rifle rounds we wanted a fairly lightweight, high velocity round. After all, speed kills and in the case of Zombies, you can’t always assume there will always be enough decayed flesh or bone to reliably expand a heavier or slower bullet. That said, I personally recommend taking the shot at the maximum distance you can reliably place the shot where it is known to be effective. Rifles definitely offer a significant advantage here, and I strongly advocate noise suppressors as it is well known Zed is attracted to noise, and if it starts to moan it will only attract more. Be prepared, be very prepared. Have a lot of ammo and have an exit plan. As you can see from some of the documentary films, many living were, mmm, converted because they weren’t ready and couldn’t get out before the horde became insurmountable.

BO: Will there be any future enhancements of the line, say Werewolf, alien or vampire skews?

SH: C’mon Ben, everyone knows those are fictional characters. 🙄

Okay, I admit it, I LOLed.

That disclaimer. Wow. Can you imagine the conversations between Hornady’s marketing department and their legal team leading up to the release of this vid?
Legal: “So, let me get this straight. The video is going to show a man shooting other people with this new ammunition offering from Hornady?”
Marketing: “No, not other people. Zombies.”
Legal: “Oh, well in that case…”

Everything should hit shelves before the end of the month, except for the 12 gauge, which will be available around the first of December. Load up now … before it’s too late!

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