Florida registry hacked


[We keep telling these idiots that registries are nothing more than shopping lists for criminals but they keep clinging to the things.  It’s enough to make you wonder if they don’t actually want criminals targeting us… -Ed.]

Hackers Obtain Personal Information From Over 16,000 Florida Concealed-Weapons Licensees

More than 450 Social Security numbers compromised

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees concealed-weapons licensing, announced on Tuesday overseas hackers had stolen the private information of over 16,000 gun owners.

“Names of 16,190 concealed weapon licensees, which is less than one percent of total number of concealed weapon licensees, may also have been obtained,” the agency said in a statement.

The breach, first reported by the Tampa Bay Times, is being investigated by the department. Agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam has ordered a “comprehensive review” of cybersecurity measures in the wake of the hack. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also involved in the investigation of the matter.

Hold your nose and read the rest…

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