Everytown Shoots Themselves In The Foot


Kind of makes you want a gun, doesn’t it?

Here’s the latest bit of propaganda from Bloomberg’s new favourite gaggle of gun grabbers. Seriously, they really did this themselves — and it just has to be seen to be believed:

Well, ain’t that clever?  Compare it to this:

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 ‘Nuff said.



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  1. First, let’s dispel the ridiculous myth that the police can protect us from violent attacks.
    They can’t and don’t.
    Remember, that “only you can prevent forest fires” ad from the sixties?
    Well old Smokey was right in another context. Only you can protect yourself from a violent attack, period.
    By the time the police arrive at a 911 call, the victim[s] are usually deceased or close to it.
    Their only duty will be to hang around eating Timbits, collecting evidence on the bottom of their Danners and waiting for the medical examiner to get on with it until they can bag your carcass.
    They may even find and arrest the bad guy[s] but, you’ll still be dead.
    Trust me, I know about this stuff.
    So, now that I’ve burst your little “the police are coming,I’ll be fine” bubble, let’s get real.

    You and you alone are your own keeper or the keeper of those you love.
    As a single person, father mother,husband or wife, you must be able and willing to defend yourself or your family with whatever means necessary to preserve your lives.

    Secure the means to defend yourselves,whether it’s Ninja throwing stars,
    a good piece of hickory,or the latest boomstick, train with them and have a plan.
    Remember, the bad people will always have weapons and are eager to use them.

    You and your family have the right to defend yourselves with “as much force as is reasonable” and believe me, what’s reasonable is stopping the attack.

    I once had a thrilling conversation with an RCMP Sgt. over this very matter and his “plan” was to do nothing to “aggravate” the situation and flee from your home if necessary.
    So, beg for your lives and if that ain’t working, run away.
    He insisted that using a firearm for self defense was completely unacceptable as he leaned his elbow on his holstered pistol.
    I just sighed at the irony.

    So, don’t be sheep, be sheepdogs and protect your flock.
    Nobody else will do it for you.


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