Mar 182017

Hunting with Suppressors

Actually, that’s a good question, now that I think of it.

On March 13, the gun control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, posted a Tweet claiming:  “FACT:  Silencers do not protect your hearing.”  An infographic accompanied the tweet with the additional claim “You know what protects your ears better than a silencer? Ear plugs.”

Source: NRA-ILA

  One Response to “Are Ear Plugs Better Than a Suppressor?”

  1. Well I suppose the earplugs are for the shooter and the suppressor is for the rest of the non shooters in the area. Suppressors have the same spoon fed stigma as the cold war and smoking pot. Don’t recall any nuclear holistic or have I ever seen a bar fight at a pot party. I don’t advocate for either but unlike the political riotous with an agenda not even they can understand I am driven by facts…. fact there have been NO charges laid in Canada due to the use of a suppressed firearm. Of course I may be wrong since no one heard the shot who would know. Now I am just babbling non scene like a gun grabber. SJW please leave us alone and read the facts. Start spewing your venom at the real problems, illegal guns and social break down.

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