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Oh, look; yet another Miracle Cure For Gun Violence® has fallen flat on its face.  What are the odds?

As the good folks over at Wired explain it:

The IP1 purports to limit who can fire it by requiring that the shooter wear a special Armatix watch. If the gun and the watch can’t connect via a short-range radio signal that extends just a few inches, the gun won’t fire. That’s the idea, anyway. But Plore showed that he can extend the range of the watch’s radio signal, allowing anyone to fire the gun when it’s more than ten feet away. He can jam the gun’s radio signals to prevent its owner from firing it—even when the watch is inches away and connected. And most disturbingly, he can mechanically disable the gun’s locking mechanism by placing some cheap magnets alongside its barrel, firing the gun at will even when the watch is completely absent.

When are these idiots going to learn?  Oh yeah, that’s right… never.

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  1. What I would like to know is “Why the denial”? What are the politicians up to with all the evidence against their agenda to keep entertaining such asinine inventions. Why disarm the honest population and allow criminals to take advantage of unarmed people. Oh ya that’s right because you need or protection. Of course one must be careful of what one speaks of when one introduces logic to the table. Free thinking will not be tolerated. So please fellow sheeple stop trying to make logic of it and do what your told. After all they have our best interest at heart, right?


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