Don’t hold your breath


More whitewash on its way than Tom Sawyer could conjure up.  Count on it.

RCMP probe into High River gun grab delayed again

CALGARY — Don’t hold your breath waiting for the verdict.

We’re talking about the probe by the RCMP watchdog into the infamous High River gun grab of almost a year ago.

The report of the look-see was set to come in last December and then this month and now the end of August.

Tim Cogan, mouthpiece for the outfit handling public complaints against the Mounties, says an investigator is now in Alberta doing “cleanup interviews” and “closing loops on certain streams of information.”

“We need to be able to tell a comprehensive story,” says Cogan.

“There were a lot of people affected, a lot of homes affected, a lot of property affected and lots of players involved in the decision making around these occurrences.”

“We need to be able to paint a crystal clear picture of what happened. It takes time.”

Cogan says part of the report is already being written.

“It’s quite an intensive process to make sure everything is properly supported and documented and articulated in a way that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.”

Cogan is well aware a lot of folks think this snail-like sussing out of the situation could be leading right to a whitewash.

“People are naturally suspicious,” he says.

“Wait and read the report and make your judgment.”

We will.

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