Dennis Young Steps Down


Young will no longer be Alberta’s NFA Director

National Firearms AssociationThe following is presented with no additional commentary, other than to say that we’re sad to see him go:

Effective Tuesday, March 11, 2014, I resigned as Alberta Director of the National Firearms Association. NFA President Sheldon Clare and I disagreed over decisions he made about NFA communications on social media and my suggestion regarding coordination of our efforts with the CSSA, both matters that I felt should have been referred to the NFA Board of Directors for further consideration. I waited until today to make this announcement to see if the impasse could be resolved. Sadly, it could not.

I would like to thank the NFA members in Alberta who voted for me and gave me the opportunity to serve as their Director. It was a rewarding experience and I hope the members feel I made a positive contribution to the organization. I want to thank Sheldon and the Board of Directors for their support for my work, especially on the High River file, and for the considerable time and effort they make every day to the cause of freedom and our right to own and enjoy our property. I apologize to everyone in the NFA for my early departure but better to leave a few months early and ease the level of frustration for both Sheldon and myself.

I remain a loyal and dedicated Honorary Life Member of both the CSSA and the NFA and I am even more committed to seeing the repeal of Bill C-68 today than I was in 1995 when it was rammed through Parliament and down our throats. I encourage every gun owner in Canada to hold memberships in both the NFA and the CSSA and by doing so hopefully we can get these two fine organizations to work together and build on each others strengths to achieve our common goals.

I will continue to work with Lorne Gunter and Sun News on the High River Gun Grab file until the whole truth is made public. I will continue to file Access to Information Act requests on all firearms related issues and post the results on the Canadian Firearms Digest. I will pursue a new non-profit career writing columns that I hope will be of interest to the firearms community.

It’s been exactly twenty years since I started working on the firearms file with MP Garry Breitkreuz in his Parliament Hill office. We still have such a long fight ahead of us and I look forward to continuing this good fight with all of you.


Dennis R. Young

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