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Leave this young lady alone!

American Newsby Gun Owners’ Resource Editorial Staff

You’ve probably never heard of Marie Morrow; and why should you have? It’s not as if she’s done anything particularly newsworthy in the short 17 years that she’s been on the planet so far.

She hasn’t cured cancer, ended world hunger of solved the unproblem of global warming. She also hasn’t gone on any shooting sprees, nor engaged in human trafficking, nor been caught with a large cache of drugs, stoled goods, or nuclear weapons. As far as we know, she’s never even been given a traffic ticket.

So why the heck are we writing about her now, out of the blue?

The reason is that Marie, an honors student and drill-team commander in the Young Marines, was recently expelled from Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, Colo. What vile activities was she caught engaging in, you ask? She left three wood-and-plastic, rifle-shaped drill team props in the back of her car.

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We’re sorry if that seems anticlimactic, but that’s all there is. Really.

Marie MorrowColorado state law demands expulsion for any student found with a dangerous weapon on school property, and that includes any “firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm.” Now, in case you’re wondering how easy it would be to mistake a drill prop for a real rifle, take a look at the photo on the right. Yes, it looks something like a rifle — drill props are supposed to — but it wouldn’t take a very high IQ to know that anything with that much duct tape on it either a) isn’t really a rifle at all or b) if it actually is a rifle, anything bubba’d to that extent is likely more of a danger to the shooter than to any potential target.

But that didn’t stop the administrative buffoons at Cherokee Trail High from yowling that Marie had to go. Truly, “zero tolerance” equals zero intelligence. Seriously, people; just how asinine do you have to be before even rabid gun-grabbers like the Brady Campaign think you’re acting like fools? We seem to have the answer now:

Even a spokesman for one of the country’s most anti-gun groups agreed that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. “We’re not concerned about non-operative rifles, and the facts in this case cry out for someone to exercise common sense,” said Peter Hamm, a spokesman for the vehemently anti-gun Brady Campaign.

The good news is that the fertilizer hit the fan, the braying jackasses at the Cherry Creek Schools administration got a sound splattering, the expulsion has been called off, and things for Marie can get back to normal (or at least, as close to normal as they can get in the zero-tolerance gulag that is Cherokee Trail High). That’s good.

What most certainly is not good, is that any authority at all has been given to some people who would not only let this sort of nanny-state-inspired absurdity happen in the first place, but cheerfully make it happen.

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