CSSA to boycott Chief Firearms Officer’s meeting


“Public officials are spitting in the face of Parliament:”

CSSA/CILA(OTTAWA — May 3, 2012) The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) will officially boycott the 2012 Chief Firearms Officer’s (CFO) Range Seminar on Saturday in Barrie, ON.

The association is protesting the Ontario CFO’s intent to ignore Bill C-19 by demanding that firearms retailers must record all sales at the point of purchase. The CFO’s decree is in direct conflict with the wording of Bill C-19 and shows contempt for the parliamentary process.

“Accordingly, the CSSA is expressing our outrage toward the Chief Firearms Office by refusing to lend credibility to their event,” says CSSA and Canadian Institute for Legislative Action executive director Tony Bernardo. “The CFOs are taking the law into their own hands and spitting in the collective face of Parliament. These public servants are way in over their heads legally and we refuse to be a part of any forum they are hosting. “The CFO’s exceeded their moral authority where firearms sales are involved because they have chosen to ignore the will of the Canadian public,” add Bernardo. “This has absolutely nothing to do with public safety — it’s all about the CFOs trying to retain power and relevance. And as with all gun control measures, it is more about control than guns.”

When Parliament passed Bill C-68 in 1995, gun owners were forced to register their firearms against their will. Millions of firearms owners bit the bullet and complied with the law, even though they knew the registry was a mere political pacifier that would not keep the public safer.

“We are law-abiding citizens and did what Parliament decreed at the time,” explains Bernardo. “We were well aware that the registry would create an expensive shopping list for computer-hacking criminals, but we did what the House of Commons and Senate dictated. The CFOs don’t seem to share our respect for the law and have chosen to make their own rules in spite of Bill C-19. They have invoked Section 58(1) of the Firearms Act to do basically what they want and ignore the House of Commons and the people of Canada.

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“We’ve tried to work with them in the past, but those days appear to be over,” he adds. “The CFOs have declared war against the Canadian firearms community and our elected federal representatives through oppresive enforcement and arbitrary, shifting rules. These civil servants have repeatedly demonstrated contempt for the responsibility of authority, and the CSSA will be asking Parliament to rein them in.”

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