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Canadian gun lawDocuments of interest to Canadians.

AP-80 gun grab letter1.7 MBNotice of Revocation of a Registration Certificate - RCMP extortion letter sent to Canadian Armi Jager AP80 owners. Because registration never leads to confiscation, right?528
ATI A-2010-0015541.6 MB Public Safety Canada Response to ATI File: A-2010-00155 obtained by the NFA. Seeking all briefing notes, memos, reports, presentations and other documents (including e-mails) that were prepared/created by Public Safety Canada Officials and were provided to the Public Safety Minister on the subject of the federal long-gun registry in the six months, (April 1, 2010 to/including October 25, 2010); not seeking any records that were prepared/created for the purpose of informing or presenting to a Cabinet Committee. ("The Department processed 1079 pages in response to this request. The applicant was provided with 947 pages.")420
ATI: NRA13.6 MB ATI docs for Parliamentary Information re the American NRA obtained by the NFA.567
ATI: RCMP Evaluation9.6 MB ATI docs for Parliamentary Information re RCMP Evaluation obtained by the NFA. Provide copies of all final documents, including reports,
 briefing notes, memos, talking points, media lines, QP cards, emails, 
correspondence, etc. regarding the evaluation conducted of the firearms registry by the RCMP, 
including reviews of the evaluation itself, from January 2010 to
 September 21, 2010. ("The applicant informed this Department that records that are
considered as Cabinet confidences need not be provided in the final
response. The Department processed 1649 pages in response to this request. The
applicant was provided with 251 pages."419
ATI: Steve Torino10.1 MB ATI docs for Parliamentary Information re Steve Torino obtained by the NFA. All records relating in any way to Steve Torino and the topic 
of gun control in Canada. Records should include but not be limited to all: 
briefing notes, correspondence, reports, analysis, documents,
 investigations, studies, appointments, meetings and minutes. Please provide 
this information from 2005 to present day [October 8, 2010]. ("The Department processed 308 pages in response to this request. The
 applicant was provided with 206 pages.")515
Barry Morgan Show 8/13/1116.5 MBBarry Morgan Show (CJAD) August 13, 2011: a discussion/debate regarding the gun registry and gun control generally on the Barry Morgan Show, with Solomon Friedman and gun-grabber mouthpiece George Stamatis.413
Bill Blair letter87.6 KBCACP (Bill Blair) letter to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, 19 May 2011. Fearmongering at its finest.645
Canadian Crime Statistics Don’t Add Up3.8 MBWhy Canadian Crime Statistics Don’t Add Up: Not the whole truth. Scott Newark, True North in Canadian Public Policy, The Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy. Feb. 2011. Why Statistics Canada's crime numbers don't add up.713
CFSC8.7 MB The Canadian Firearms Safety Course - for non-restricted firearms (2008). The hoops they want you to jump through.557
CFSC Non-Restricted9.5 MBCanadian Firearms Safety Course for non-restricted firearms, student handbook, 2nd edition.418
City-Based Measures to Address Gun Violence159.9 KBCity of Toronto: City-Based Measures to Address Gun Violence May 22, 2008. COTU propaganda goodness.750
CPCAR-8-13-2013902.8 KBLetter from the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP re: High River AB gun seizure453
CRFSC6.4 MBThe Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - for handguns and anything that looks scary (2008).443
CSSA CFO Petition129.8 KBA call upon The House of Commons to repeal Section 58. (1) of the Firearms Act; amend Section 61.3 of the Firearms Act to apply a conditional form to the “authorization to transport” document; and Amend the Firearms Act to eliminate the provincial and territorial Chief Firearms Office666
Firearm Homicide196.1 KBFirearm Homicide in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand: What Can We Learn From Long- Term International Comparisons? Samara McPhedran, Jeanine Baker, and Pooja Singh. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2011.889
Focal Point340.2 MBJohn Evers on Focal Point with Nancy Coldham (airs on Rogers TV in Newmarket, Ontario) on March 24th, 2010.419
Gun Control in Canada100.2 KB"Gun Control in Canada" by Gary Mauser. Source and date unknown713
IMPORTING AND EXPORTING FIREARMS, WEAPONS AND DEVICES442.4 KBMemorandum D19-13-2, Canada Border Services Agency, Ottawa, June 23, 2009. Outlines how Tariff Item 9898.00.00 of the Customs Tariff, the Criminal Code, the Firearms Act, and the Export and Import Permits Act relate to the importing and exporting of firearms, firearm parts, weapons, devices, and certain types of ammunition. (CAUTION: can cause disorientation; to not attempt to drive, fly, or operate heavy machinery for one hour after reading)785
Marking Regulations1.6 MB ATI docs for Parliamentary Information re Marking Regulations obtained by the NFA. Memos, briefing notes, House Cards and reports created by Public Safety from December 1, 2010, to the present (March 9, 2011) concerning plans/delays related to bringing firearms marking regulations 
into force. ("The Department processed 82 pages in response to this request. 45 pages were withheld pursuant to section 69 of the Act.")477
Montreal Coroners Report Pt 2224.3 KBThis part is common to all the victims of the shooting that occurred at the Université de Montréal École Polytechnique in Montreal on December 6, 1989. It is an integral part of each and every one of the investigation reports signed on this date.441
Public Safety ATI response11.1 MBMinister's Meeting with Shirley Bond, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia, 6/22/11. Document released under Access To Information Act.447
R. v. Thompson893.8 KBCourt document detailing the reasons for decision in the acquittal of Ian Thompson on all charges.478
RCMP CFP whitewash3.3 MBRCMP Canadian Firearms Program: Program Evaluation Final Approved Report, Feb. 2010. Interesting math.767
RCMP cheat sheet601.1 KB Safely Storing, Transporting and Displaying FIREARMS (English 2008) - an RCMP-published cheat sheet. Because even the cops can't keep the bone-headed regs straight more than half the time.521
RCMP-Ekos ATI document16.5 MBFiled under the Access to Information Act in response to the National Demographics Behaviour Survey of Firearms Clients with Ekos (click here to find out what that fiasco was).374

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