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London Ont. board of control fobs handgun ban back to committee

Yeah, that’s about it.

by Dennis E. Florian
Gun Owners’ Resource staff

Like some shambling horror from a old Boris Karloff movie, sewn together from rotting bits of bad ideas that should have remained mercifully dead, Gina Barber’s little monster just doesn’t seem to want to lay down and quit twitching.  It’s a rather grotesque sight, really.

The misbegotten Handgun Ban That No One Seems To Want Anything To Do With®  reared its ugly little head once again in London council chambers last night, only to be kicked back to committee yet again.

Poor Gina must be so disappointed.

For the second time in two weeks, London board of control’s little handgun ban motion was shuffled off to the side, out of sight from prying eyes, like some bastard child no one really wants to talk about.

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The motion to support the ban was first brought forward on February 11 by controller Gina Barber, but poor Gina couldn’t seem to find anyone to second it. Since she was all alone on the Banned Wagon, Barber — rather than do the sensible thing and leave it alone — asked staff to prepare a second option: A ban that would create exclusions for those who own legally registered guns.  In other words, a ban on handguns … unless they aren’t banned.  You are forgiven if you feel the sudden urge for a good, stiff drink.

“Who let them in??”

EESA/CSSA representative John Evers waits for the festivities to begin in the public gallery of the London council chamber. 2/23/2009

Some things are like the fun stuff with your wife: a whole hell of a lot easier to do behind closed doors.  Buggering about with people’s rights is like that.   For Ms. Barber, the embarrassment was that the people whose rights she was messing with decided to show up for the fun last night.

A sizable contingent of the London and area shooting community, including CSSA Regional Director John Evers, from the East Elgin Sportsmen’s Association, settled in to the public gallery, waiting patiently to air their views on this latest tomfoolery. While there are no photos of it, so far as I know yet, the “Aw, hell; who let them in here?” look on the face of controller Barber as she gazed up at the gallery was absolutely priceless.

But an interesting debate was not to be.  The motion was passed over at last night’s meeting — it was dealt with for less than a full minute — and is now on its way back to yet another flogging in committee.  (Presumably, these administrational beatings will continue until its morale improves.)  London Mayor Anne-Marie DiCicco-Best then acknowledged the assembled gun owners, including addressing Mr. Evers by name, and advised that that would be all on that matter for the evening.  She also invited them to stay for the rest of the dog and pony show, if they wished.

Oh, so forlorn and frightened

Gina Barber at an NDP rally in London’s Victoria Park, 2005
Barber at an NDP rally in London’s Victoria Park, 2005

No matter how you look at it, from either side of the gun rights spectrum, this handgun ban business before London’s board of control is looking more and more like an albatross no one wants to touch.  An albatross suspected of having questionable morals, bad ideas, the wrong friends, bad taste in clothes, and the plague.  The only one with any apparent will to keep this thing on life support is career socialist Gina Barber.  Clearly, Ms. Barber is hoping to keep it from expiring until the heat blows over, when she can slip it through without anyone noticing (always a favourite socialist tactic).

The problem for Gina is that, if last night was any kind of indication, she will expire before the attention being directed at this matter does.  The folks in that gallery aren’t going away, missy; they’re watching you, and so are the rest of us.  Ms. Barber seems to have figured that out, since she’s falling back on the favourite old standby of gun-grabbers who can’t get others to hop on their little Banned Wagon with them: “Scary people are scaring me.”

Yes indeed, like mana from heaven, the moment things looked like they were heading south and staying there, along come some good, ol’-fashioned “worrisome emails” to the rescue.  Following the tried-and-true pattern of social engineers who don’t get their way, Gina is digging around for her victim card.  Emails are scaring her.  No, you can’t see them.  But you can see the bumper sticker that she got that says “Only Crooked Politicians Fear Armed Citizens.”

Well, okay, maybe that last one is pretty threatening.  If you’re a totalitarian, pro-nanny-state, social-engineering busybody who doesn’t give a damn about anybody else’s rights, that is.

Now, if they could just ban bumper stickers, none of that would be an issue…

Update: While we don’t yet know when the handgun ban motion will be making another appearance before London’s board of control, we will be keeping an eye on the issue and posting news here as we get it.

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