Botched, Indeed


Let’s be clear–the only thing ‘botched’ in ‘Project Gunwalker’ was the cover-up

by Kurt Hofmann
St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner

National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea pointed out early this month that every time the “Project Gunwalker” atrocity is described as a “botched gun sting,” a lie is being disseminated.  The lie is the notion that there was ever the intention of mounting any kind of “sting” to “botch.”  There was not.  There could not have been.  No effort was made to track the guns past the border (or, very often, even to the border).  When field agents tried to track them any farther than a few blocks from the gun shops, they were ordered to stand down their surveillance.  Nor is it the case that the plan was for Mexican authorities to be tipped about what was going on, so they could perform the surveillance.As long-time BATFE whistleblower (and victim of BATFE retaliation) Vincent Cefalu puts it, “The only way to [track] the guns would be with crime scenes and dead bodies.”  And that’s how exactly how they “tracked” them, and according to a “Gunwalker” report by Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), doing so made them “giddy”:

An increase of crimes and deaths in Mexico caused an increase in the recovery of weapons at crime scenes. When these weapons traced back through the Suspect Gun Database to weapons that were walked under Fast and Furious, supervisors in Phoenix were giddy at the success of their operation.

And lest Issa’s and Grassley’s use of the term “giddy” be painted as a partisan attack on the Obama administration, keep in mind that we first saw that word in connection with “Project Gunwalker” when BATFE agent (and courageous whistleblower) John Dodson used it:

There were several instances. Whenever he would get a tracereport back . . . he was jovial, if not, not giddy, but just delighted about that, hey, 20 of our guns were recovered with 350 pounds of dope in Mexico last night. And it was exciting. To them it proved the nexus to the drug cartels. It validated that . . . we were really working the cartel case here.

What would make the Gunwalker perpetrators “giddy”?  Presumably, the failure of a “botched” operation on their part, as they discover the fatal weakness of the Underpants Gnome business model, would do just the opposite.  No–their “giddiness” stemmed from Project Gunwalker’s success at supporting the agenda.  Every Mexican killed with a “gunwalked” gun–every “broken egg“–was a “success,” in the sense that it could be cited as justification for more “gun control,” as this administration has demonstrably done, more than once.

To allow the characterization of “Project Gunwalker” as a “botched sting operation” to go unchallenged is to give the perpetrators near (or at?) the very top of the Obama government a free pass on the utter evil of this monstrosity, and allow “gun control” apologists to blame it on desperation stemming from “weak U.S. gun laws,” because of the “gun lobby.”

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