Boris Vardomskiy Defending the Crown Appeal – Request for Donations


Canadian gun lawFollowing up on today’s earlier post:

I represent Boris Vardomskiy, the Ottawa-area gun owner whose firearms were seized and was the subject of a s. 117.04 warrant and subsequent application. At the time of application, Mr. Vardomskiy was an active member in a local shooting club as well as a member of the NFA.

This case is being appealed by the Crown to the Ontario Court of Appeal and can have a significant effect on the manner s. 117.04 (public safety) warrants are obtained and forfeiture applications are heard in our courts. The Court will likely be asked to rule, for the first time in recent memory, on the “legitimate concern” standard.

In short, this appeal could have wide-ranging implications for how s. 117.05 hearings are conducted and the grounds upon which they are appealed.

Justice Abrams accepted my formulation of the law and his ruling – if it stands – is a good precedent for law abiding firearms users and owners.

This is important litigation for gun owners across the country.

Read the rest (and there’s a fair bit of it) over at the NFA’s website.

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