Back to the grind: 2014


Well, boys and girls, the annual holiday hiatus hernia1 has come and gone once again and that can mean only one thing:  Time to go over some of the stuff we’ve missed in the last month.  Briefly of course, because well, I can’t be at this all dang day.

So, let’s get to it…

  • After years of bureaucratic foot-dragging, the hard work of Joe Oliver has finally shown signs of bearing fruit for reloaders as NRCan gets ready ditch the “reasonable” BS (i.e., what’s legal to have is whatever some probably possibly gun-grabber judge thinks you should have that day) and bring in new NEQ storage regs for primers and powder.  Feel free to write Joe and say thanks.
  • Russian inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov (of AK47 fame) passed away at the age of 94 in a hospital in Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurtia republic, just two days before Christmas.
  • Gun grabbers south of the border had themselves a bit of a, ahem… er, setback (yeah, that’s a kind way to put it) on December 13, when The Impossible® happened: a would-be school shooter was stopped in his tracks by an armed bystander.  That’s right: what was planned to be a bloodbath was brought to a screeching halt… in all of 80 seconds.  Try telling Arapahoe High School students, and their parents, that guns don’t save lives.  Go ahead, give it a go.
  • Everybody knows that Magpul had threatened to pull up stakes and bug out of Colorado if Governor Dinglehooper went and passed some dumbass new gun law.  Well, now it’s official: the company announced January 2 that it is moving to Wyoming and Texas and taking its hundreds of jobs with it.  Good luck with your reelection, Johnny boy, you waffling bastard.  Flip-flopping now ain’t going to help you.

Yes, there’s more but hey, it’s my first day back…


  1. That means nothing whatsoever about anybody’s cooking.  At all.
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