Ammo Not A Health Risk: CDC Study


A study by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on human lead levels of hunters in North Dakota has confirmed what hunters throughout the world have known, literally for centuries: that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition poses absolutely no health risk to people, including children, and that the call to ban lead ammunition was and remains a scare tactic being pushed by anti-hunting groups to forward their political agenda.

The study, released on November 5 2008, provided much valuable — and sometimes surprising — information about the total and complete lack of any evidence of a human health risk from consuming game harvested using traditional ammunition.  Among the findings of the study:

  • The average lead level of the hunters tested was lower than that of the average American.
  • Children’s lead levels had a mean of just 0.88 micrograms per deciliter – less than half the national average for children.

The full report is available at the North Dakota Department of Health’s website.

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